Watch Jay Kay's Italian Flag Green LaFerrari Climb the Goodwood Hill

We suspected singer Jay Kay ordered a LaFerrari ever since he paid a visit to Maranello to check out the new hypercar more than a year ago. What we didn’t expect was that he ordered his car in green, which looks surprisingly good. Not that the LaFerrari could be ruined by a color, we have yet to see one with a bad paint. In the video you are about to watch, Jay Kay, who is a keen car collector, explains that he went with green because he wanted his car to be really unique. The hue is Italian flag green and he reckons it looks great combined with the red taillights. You can voice your opinion about the color in the commentary section, but not before you check out the video, in which Jay Kay is also seen driving his Ferrari LaFerrari up the famous Goodwood hill.By Dan Mihalascu