Art-Khan Shows Upcoming Retro-Inspired Roadster’s Lines and Flying Huntsman

You might know Afzal Khan as the man who started Project Kahn / Khan Design, the luxury-oriented, UK-based improver of interiors through more leather and exteriors through fancy alloys. Now that that side of the business is going well, he’s looking at creating something completely different to anything they’d previously done: a retro-inspired roadster that is to be designed and built by a new company, Art-Khan, from the ground up. In this quest, Khan has teamed up with Ant Anstead, the founder of Evanta (established builder of new-old sporting classics), and the first teaser hinting at what they’re about to launch has just hit the web. At first glance it looks like a Jaguar D-Type crossed with some Aston Martin DB3S genes maybe even a bit of late 1950s Ferrari in there somewhere too. This roadster is not, however, the only project the newly created team has set its sights on. There’s also the Defender-based Flying Huntsman planned, as well, and “a completely restyled Aston Martin WB12.” By Andrei Nedelea