Lotus Exige Time Attack Car Looks Like it Crashed into a Shed Full of Spoilers

A Lotus is a perfect car for you to create a shed-built racing car. Lotus doesn’t use any unusually-threaded bolts that need special tooling, and the job of modifying can be tackled at home, with a little bit of mechanical know-how. If you have more than a bit, you can something like an already brisk Exige and turn it into a one-lap track weapon, like the car in the video below. It’s the work of a guy called Lee, who did all the modifications you see on the car on his own, with minimal outside help. His goal was to create a car fit for time attack events. These types of races only have one car on the track at a time, with the sole purpose of completing one lap as quickly as possible. Lee concentrated on improving the car’s power, mechanical grip and aero grip – the latter is quite obvious, as his Exige looks like it’s the exact opposite of stock. However, while it may look wild and race car-like, it’s number plates are actually not for show, and the car is legally allowed onto public roads.By Andrei Nedelea