New BMW M3 Weighed Down and Dyno Tested [w/Video]

It’s common knowledge now that BMW isn’t completely honest when it publishes the power figure for its cars, posting what could gracefully be called highly-pessimistic data. The latest M3 was recently tested on the dyno, and the result, of course, confirmed that this practice is still going on. The manufacturer says the car’s three-liter twin-turbo straight-six makes 425 hp at the crank, which if we detract the standard 10 percent drivetrain loss, would equal 382 hp at the rear wheels. However, the horsepower the car actually puts down to the ground is exactly 1 hp short how much BMW says it has at the crank: 424 hp. Thus, if we calculate this simply, as we did above, there’s strong reason to believe that the actual crank horsepower of the new M3 is actually closer to 460 – 465 hp. The car was also weighed and it tipped the scales at 3,590 lbs or 1,628 kg, with a nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution between the two axles.By Andrei Nedelea Hat tip to Bimmerpost!