New Range Rover Sport by Overfinch to Debut in September

A new tuning and styling package for the Range Rover Sport will be unveiled in September, courtesy of the peeps from Overfinch, who are known for creating bespoke Land Rover and Range Rover models using that name since the 1980s. With the production capped at just 100 units per year in the United Kingdom, the upcoming Overfinch Range Rover Sport is bound to be as exclusive as possible, especially since in terms of interior materials and design, each model will be entirely bespoke. Even though the pricing will start at £87,995, the “bespoke interior” bit means that the actual price for an Overfinch Range Rover Sport will be determined by individual design preferences and the specification of the base car. For that amount, you get the Overfinch Styling Package, which is built from carbon fiber and includes LED lights and a rear diffuser, along with a set of Overfinch wheels that can go from 21 to 23 inches, depending on preference. Performance wise, the Overfinch Performance Package consists of an ECU digital remap, an upgraded supercharger and a new exhaust system with an electronically-controlled valve system – all that bringing an extra 42 bhp – two more than the SVR. Apart from the completely bespoke interior, Overfinch also fits the “aerospace-grade” aluminium key fob with a Bluetooth-controlled “track mode” button, as if anyone will ever take their Range Rover Sport – even when tuned by Overfinch – to the track. By Alex Oagana
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