Next Mazda2 Rumored to Get Wankel-Powered Range Extender

Rumors surrounding Mazda’s plans to use its Wankel rotary engine tech as part of future EV range extender setups are not new, but the suggestion that the upcoming 2 city car will be the first one using it is. Set to be revealed in August, the upcoming 2, whose lines will draw heavily upon those of the planted-looking Hazumi concept (pictured), already bears the promise of being 20 percent more efficient than its predecessor, so the addition of a range extender will further boost its appeal. Australia’s Motoring is the source of the report, and it quotes Mazda Australia Managing Director, Martin Benders, to back up its claims. The official didn’t seem to deny it, and he even talked about the model’s availability around the world, explaining that it along with the conventional Mazda2 hybrid that’s also planned, would only be sold on markets with strong government incentives, subsidies and tax breaks. We already know what the range extender setup will be like. The manufacture has already shown it off powering the current 2. It employs a 330cc single-rotor Wankel located at the rear of the vehicle. The weight of the unit is quite low (100 kg / 220 lbs) and its main advantage over a regular petrol engine or a diesel is its lack of vibration and intrusive sound – the entire system, with 20 kWh battery and all, adds 200 kg (440 lbs) to the car’s total weight and promises 380 km of range, or 237 miles. However, you won’t have to buy any of the fancy electrified models to enjoy excellent efficiency with the new Mazda2. It promises a 20 percent better economy than the Ford Fiesta-based car it replaces, thanks to the use of two 1.5-liter engines – one’s powered by gasoline and has no turbo, while the other is the firm’s all-new 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-D diesel. By Andrei Nedelea