Smart Tricks People into Thinking It’s Building the Biggest City Car Ever

Smart is perceived as a playful brand, and its ad campaigns definitely reflect that part of its character. As it is preparing for the launch of the all-new ForTwo, Smart thought about pulling a prank on some unsuspecting customers by making them believe its latest project is to build the biggest city car ever. In a fake promotion video, a Smart executive speaks to unsuspecting potential customers about the brand’s ridiculous “new project” and its advantages, such as the fact that it will be large enough for people measuring 2.55 meters in height. The exec then asks for feedback and, amazingly, some of the customers appear to dig the idea of a huge city car – I guess that’s what most SUVs actually are anyway. The videos are a smart and funny way to promote the brand’s all-new ForTwo, which will be unveiled on July 16. Scroll down to watch them. By Dan Mihalascu