Wow! Brand-New 1990 Toyota Supra Surfaces for Sale in Canada!

Once you’re done saying, “Darn, why couldn’t this be a 1993MY“, ask yourself, how many times have you seen a brand-new 1990s Japanese sports coupe pop out of some barn and offered for sale? Exactly.

The manual gearbox 1990 Toyota Supra from County Hills Toyota in Cagliari Calgary, Alberta in Canada, looks like it just entered the showroom yesterday; it only has 93 miles (150km) on the odometer and the seats, floors and door panels are still wrapped in plastic, just as you’d expect from any new vehicle in a dealership.

This is a one of a kind find, and it reflects on the asking price of CA$69,998, which equals around US$65,200 / €48,500.

Whether it’s worth it, really depends on how much you value the third generation Supra (1986-1992), but regardless, you’ll be hard pressed to find another one in a similar (new) condition.

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