Consumer Reports’ Take on the Lexus NX Crossover

While the new Lexus NX seems to be baffling quite a few automotive journos, Consumer Reports has got it all figured out.

They like the NX, but find it lacks the usual Lexus ride quality, and the space in the back is nowhere near as good as on the non-premium Toyota RAV4 it shares underpinnings with.

Obviously, a big talking point is the way it looks and just how much that contrasts with the design of the interior. It’s clear that was meant to broaden the brand’s appeal, while at the same time keeping it recognizable, which is why the interior is just so much more conservative than the outside – not in a bad way, but it does come in contrast with the razor sharp lines of the body.

Otherwise, CR sees no reason why this wouldn’t be a good buy, but it is wise to check out the competition first and then make the decision, especially if you want a V6 which the NX doesn’t offer while others do in the same size bracket.

By Andrei Nedelea