Is Porsche’s Push for Sales Volumes Hurting Quality, Exclusivity?

A lengthy report from AutomotiveNews seems to point in that direction. It lets us know that Porsche is exceeding its own expectations this year, and while it intended to reach a 200,000 annual sales figure by 2018, it seems there’s a chance it may happen this year or 2015 tops.

The fear here is that once they lose the focus on making the products good and fitting for the brand’s ethos, concentrating instead of selling as many of them as possible, there’s a high likelihood of quality actually suffering in the long run.

There is a lot of truth to that way of thinking, and if your argument against it was “oh, Porsche is funding its sports cars by selling SUVs and the Panamera,” may we remind you that the manufacturer is perfectly apt at building a dud, even if the car in question is a 911… The GT3 recall didn’t look too good, either.

Even so, Porsche generally comes up close to the top in reliability surveys and its cars don’t usually cause too many problems.

From now on, the Macan (pictured) will begin bearing the brunt of sales, as it will probably begin to steal some sales away from the Cayenne, and even the Panamera. It’s currently one of the darlings of the motoring press and will probably continue to hold that status until something important comes about. However, the Macan needs to prove itself in the long run too, and for that, we’ll have to wait a few years.

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