VW Golf SportsVan Shines in UK Review

Should the regular seventh-gen Golf not be roomy or practical enough for you, VW is now tempting you with the Golf SV, which is basically the same car, but with a lot more interior space.

It is a direct replacement for the old Golf Plus, and judging by the hugely positive review it received from CarBuyer, we’d be tempted to say it’s without fault.

The only downsides discovered by reviewer Mat Watson? The slightly small side mirrors, the excessive tire roar intruding into the cabin on rough asphalt and the cargo carrying capacity which is inferior to many of its (older) rivals.

Even so, if you can look past the dreadfully ordinary styling that makes the regular Golf look like a sleek Alfa Romeo next to this, then you will probably love it. As always, do go out on multiple test drives before deciding where you want to leave your cash.