Ford Mustang EcoBoost Has Fake Engine Noise Device Too

Pulling fuse number 27 out of the all-new Ford Mustang 2,3-liter EcoBoost’s fuse box reveals that it’s a quiet and refined car, even if that’s by no means necessarily desirable in its sporty corner of the market. It gets fake engine sound piped in.

Road&Track’s senior editor, Jason Cammisa, is the one who unearthed this rather disappointing bit of news and posted a tweet about it. This then prompted Autoblog to ask Ford Engineer Shawn Carney, who was forced to admit the existence of the system called Active Noise Control (we’ll call it ANC). He did explain that only the EcoBoost ‘Stang gets (and/or needs) it.

Apparently, ANC was developed with outside input, in order to narrow down which fake note was most pleasing to most people. And it was not only enhancing the car’s existing engine note that was on the list of priorities, but also eliminating some of the coarser and less desirable noises made by the 2.3-liter unit.

Ford makes it a bit weird for buyers, though. ANC is integrated into the standard audio system that the car comes with, and the only way to disable it is to follow in Cammisa’s footsteps and pull out the fuse. However, if you opt for a higher-spec ‘Stang with an upgraded audio/infotainment setup, then the fake noise will not be present.

So, you only get it on lesser specced cars where it can’t be turned off, while high-spec models lose it altogether? That sounds well thought through (if true). Check out a few new videos of the turbo Mustang all spooled up after the virtual jump.


  • Shobin Drogan

    Disappointing, id take artificial exhaust noises over artificial cabin noises, why cant they open some kind of vent from the engine bay to the driver’s cabin?

  • TheHake

    There’s a little guy in the dashboard that screams “vrooooooooooom”

  • Soyntgo4it

    Guess a lot of people will be putting new exhaust on. Oh hail those fart cannons now..

  • G

    This stuff is for the kids.. Cant believe that the bmw did it 2… I would understand if it was a toy, but its a real car.. hate the fake stuff…

  • Muzzammil Ather

    That’s Really Disappointing! I Was Hoping That There Would Be A Fine V8 Track In That New Mustang. Since It Doesn’t Look Better Than The Old One And has A Fake Sound Device, It’s Really Not Worth it!

  • Nate

    My Veloster Turbo has it as well.

    In all honesty, it’s not noticeable if you’re playing music. I will admit that it gives the driver/passenger the impression of lots of power–but clearly, that isn’t the case for the Veloster Turbo.

  • psiqtas

    So dissapointing lame and such a missmatch “eco” sound !!! But, hey the M5 has it too – cr*p cars… Tell me how an engine called ECOboost could sound natural fine? It’s ECOboost with boostet “eco” sound 😀

    • An Existing Person

      The M5 doesn’t have it. Maybe only the exhaust might have been tweaked, but not as fake as this.

      • FatBastard

        Wrong! I drive the M5 and it has it.

        “BMW M5 generates fake engine noise using stereo”

      • B Weir

        WHICH M5 doesn’t have it. there have been at least FIVE generations of M5’s (SIX if you count the E12 based M535i). Almost all generations Pre-E60 didn’t have this electronic exhaust noise bullshit.

  • BJPV

    As Martin Garrix new song suggests, Turn Up the Speakers.

  • Ugh, this really bothers me for some reason. The pony cars of old must be turning over in their wrecking yards and garages.

  • Nik

    It what happens everywhere in this days… Smaller engines, but more performance… but also less old good engine sound. BMW, Mercedes and many others… like this Ford Mustang as well, or Formula1.

  • shawn

    “Forced to admit”? “Unearthed”?. Ford and its engineers had been, and still are, quite open about it. This information was available over a year ago, and came from the chief engineer of the car. There was also a press release that included info on it. Nice reporting!

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