New Photos of 2015 Honda Civic Type R; Keeps the Wing, Drops Wild Fenders

The same “POW3 ROF” license-plated 2015 Honda Civic Type R that one of our readers saw in Croatia was also spotted in the neighboring country of Slovenia.

These new photos, courtesy of our Japanese car-loving friends at FarmofMinds, give us a better view of the car, including the front end.

The big question is whether the car we see here is the final production model or a development prototype, as it lacks the LED headlamps of the study, not to mention the bloated fenders, grounds kit and vented bumpers that made the concept look like it had just came out of a pit stop.

It still has that gigantic airplane wing at the rear with more LED lights than a Griswold Christmas, and the aggressive diffuser housing a pair of pipes on either corner.

Until we learn more about this tester, let us remind you that the production car expected next year will debut a new 2.0-liter turbo’d four from Honda churning out “more than 280hp“, according to the Japanese firm’s CEO.

Thanks to Matt from FarmofMinds for the tip!

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