Parrot Jumping Sumo is a Cool Drone to Kill Time

Drones nowadays are noisy hovering things that are mainly used for aerial videos/photography and spying on people. However, these flyers aren’t the only way to go, as there are also wheeled drones to go for, like the highly-acrobatic Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo.

We previewed it in a post before it became available for purchase, and now that it is, reviews, like this one from CNET, have cropped up showing off what it can do.

As its name suggests, aside from wheeling itself around on the ground, it can also jump over obstacles (up to 80 cm / ~30 inches tall) and roll, making maneuvering a doddle in even the trickiest of spaces.

The only gripe with it is the fact that you control it via smartphone in the usual fashion: lots of non-physical buttons that obscure the camera feed you’re trying to see to know where you’re going. All for $159.95; maximum battery life is 20 minutes, then you’re in for a 90-minute charging session to top it back up.


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