This is Toyota’s C-HR Sporty Compact Crossover Concept

Toyota’s all-new C-HR Concept has come out of the digital shadows showing itself ahead of its first public outing at next month’s 2014 Paris auto show.

It’s a stylized, three-door compact crossover model made to stir up interest and give us a very rough idea of what Toyota is planning for the near future in the category.

Very few details are known about the car, with the Japanese brand having previously said that it combines “a bold new design language with an agile, engaging driving experience and a Hybrid powertrain”.

Up until now, we’ve only seen one prototype that matches the size and characteristics of the C-HR in the form of a high-riding test-mule of the Toyota Auris hatch, which we spotted testing on European roads back in July.

A production version of the study, which would sit under the RAV4, could be offered in both 3- and 5-door body styles.

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  • Ken Lyns

    I’d rock this as my daily driver if the AWD system is any good – economical and can hop the occasional curb or climb a snowbank.

  • Pedro Pereira

    Swap the Toyota badge for a Renault’s and you have the Captur Concept.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Yes but at least it’s not weirdly overstyled like many a recent Toyota.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      yeah, the Concept cuz the final product didnt keep anything but the name

  • M.A.S.K.

    Waiting for close cooperation with Subaru…

  • smartacus

    so it corners like an SUV and is offroad capable like a sport compact? i just creamed my jeans

  • smartacus

    i bet it will have a 4 speed slushbox automatic just like the Corolla, Yaris, xB, and xD

  • Pro_3

    What? A Hyundai-styled car with an Honda name?

  • MarketAndChurch

    I see Toyota following in the footsteps of VW, offering up a personal 2+2 CUV coupe like VW did not too long ago. There ought to be a growing segment for these multipurpose personal 2+2 seating vehicles that you can also use as a daily driver in a dense suburb or urban area. Looks fantastic, especially the front end.