2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Study Takes on Classic Styling Cues

If we take Sergio Marchionne’s word for it, Alfa should have a new Giulia compact executive sedan in its ranks in the fourth quarter of 2015.

However, if the Fiat Group’s masterminds have taught us something, that is to take every single promise they make with a few teaspoons of salt

There’s still no clear indication what the 159’s successor will look like, but one thing we wouldn’t mind seeing from Alfa is moving away from that bug-eyed, cute face-styling that has adorned all of the brand’s new models from the time of the 8C Competizione, including the MiTo, Giulietta and more recently, the 4C.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the subject, our friends over at MPCardesign (Marco Procaccini) have developed their own digital concept of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in association with Rosario Dalessandro.

“This is a new 3d model by Rosario Dalessandro & MPcardesign,” Procaccini told us. “This collaboration was born on the forum of a well-known Italian car magazine.”

Their Giulia study fuses styling elements from the past, including cues from the front of the original Giulia from the 1960s and 1970s, the rear of the related Giulia Sprint GT and GTV coupes, and the profile of the 156 from the 1990s and 2000s, on a modern shape.

Take a look at the study for yourself and voice off in the comments.

Thanks to MPCardesign for the renderings!

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  • mccarluvr123

    Wow! This looks fantastic! I really wish that they would take a risk and go with an original design like this. But something tells me they won’t be this adventurous. What a shame.

  • europeon

    “Fresh take on the subject”? That abomination looks like something from the dark 80’s, like the bastard child of an Arna and a Renault 12.

    As a former Alfa Romeo owner, I have to give it a big thumbs down. Show that to any Alfisti and you’ll get the same reaction.

    • g121

      So bland, so boring. I like the styling of my old Milano or 164 better than this!

  • Tinky-Winky

    Just a suggestion for all those boys and girls out there who try their hands at designing – don’t start your process from 3-D modelling but make lots of sketches before that. 3-D modelling is too time consuming for experimenting with all your ideas and you won’t have a clear visual of what you want to achieve. When you’re modelling in 3-D you concentrate too much on details without seeing enough the whole picture and that’s why you need to have some generalized visualization in front of you to keep your work organically composed. Otherwise the result could be like this awkward and bulky Grand Theft Auto-like mess of design cues from different cars.

  • mb4design

    Refreshing in an era of overworked flanks. Superb job of integrating a heritage grill w/ contemporary body shape.

  • MarkoS

    I really like this, but it says more Lancia then Alfa Romeo to me.

    • David in Sydney

      Spot on!

  • Matt

    An original design comprised of design elements taken from a handful of previous models?

  • Razvan

    I get the impression that a Dodge Dart messed with the design of what should be a genuine Alfa!

  • Marco

    From the front that looks like a mashup of a scirocco and a dodge dart. sorry but I don’t like that. I’m sure the actual Giulia will be gorgeous though!

  • Dimtim46

    Anyone see a healthy dash of Peugeot 504 in this too.

  • INDAV 2.0

    Scrivo in Italiano perché ritengo sia più d’effetto.
    È un bel lavoro, fatto per bene e con grande cura dei dettagli. Personalmente, avrei voluto vedere qualche sketch fatto a mano, anche per rendermi conto di come te la cavi con la matita in mano. Certo, ci sarebbero tante piccole cose da rivedere, ma la base da cui si parte è ottima e nei tempi in cui si è, dove Alfa Romeo si è ridotta a produrre solo due modelli, servirebbe proprio un qualcosa simile a questa che possa risollevare l’animo degli Alfisti e riportare il design di questo marchio storico a quello di una volta; perché, diciamocelo, la Giulietta odierna non ha proprio nulla di quella originale se non lo stemma sul cofano.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Easy for you to say 🙂

  • mpcardesign

    Hello. Thanks for comments.
    I specify that this concept was designed almost completely by Rosario Dalessandro, only in small part by me.
    3D model and Renders by me and postproduction by Rosario.
    Thanks to carscoop as always.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Thanks for sharing your hard work – both of you.

  • Six_Tymes

    looks great!

  • jh

    Too edgy and no real flow. But nice to see sth different than the trypical ‘modern’ design. One problem could be that only few people are old enough to recognize and appreciate the classic design language… sadly.

  • Toto

    This is exactly what Alfa should avoid doing. It looks dull at best.

  • MG


  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m well over the hidden rear door handle gag. Come on, it’s a four-door. I will say this is certainly Italian with a lot of fun old Alfa cues. I don’t dislike it at all.

  • vinnieboiblue

    I love it, and if Fiat/Chrysler brings them here, I hope they don’t change a thing in its looks. This is the perfect example of sharp edges looking good and not over done like GM’s Arts and Science design.

  • Andréas Jakobsson

    Nissan IDx concept look-a-like??

  • Russell Scott Wollman

    Crisp, clean, elegant, poised, coherent, purposeful, sporting, deceptively simple. good masculine/feminine balance. It shows a deft, balanced hand. I’d buy it, but I’m a sucker for any car with that fascinating serpent-and-cross badge. Alfa’s the car I’m waiting for, and I hope the time for my Alfa will soon draw nigh.

  • This thing is awful- I was hoping this was more along the lines of what they’re up to http://www.autoevolution.com/news/alfa-romeo-giulia-to-be-fwd-after-all-47840.html#agal_1

  • Emin Zeynali

    Only small additions to make car look more presentable. Generally not bad.
    Maybe wrong sources for style? This concept based on Alfetta GTV. Which wasn’t sedan, and wasn’t so popular and famous. Probably Giulia, second Giulietta, Alfetta Berlina /Sportsedan in US/ will be better sources for inspiration
    But anyway overall is nice. Except Dart-like lights

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