Does the Jaguar F-Type S Have the Best Sounding V6 Ever?

Have you ever asked yourself which V6 is the best sounding one ever?

Yes there are some older ones that sound great, from the likes of Alfa Romeo or Nissan, but CarThrottle says the best of the lot is the one powering the new Jaguar F-Type.

We obviously can’t make that kind of judgment on our own, but we will admit the F-Type’s supercharger unit is goosebump-inducing. In fact, we’d say it’s actually far more suitable for the F-Type than the bigger and more potent V8, simply because it echoes the note of the E-Types straight-six.

It’s probably been engineered that way, but hey, at least it’s not fake and coming from the speakers.

We’re curious what a louder aftermarket exhaust will do to the sound, and if it’s a design trick of the factory exhaust that it imitates the E-Type…