Notice a Difference with Mario Kart Video Running at 60FPS?

Chances are, you haven’t seen anything like this on YouTube before; videos running at 60 frames per second (fps) instead of the usual 24 / 30fps, with this Mario Kart clip being one of the first on the web.

For the uninitiated, here’s a brief explanation of frame rate from Wikipedia:

“Frame rate, also known as frame frequency and frames per second (FPS), is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames. Frame rate is most often expressed in frames per second (FPS) and is also expressed in progressive scan monitors as hertz (Hz).”

In theory, a higher frame rate offers a crisper image and smoother motion for most types of videos, but it’s games where it makes the biggest difference and up until now, YouTube uploads were capped at 30ps.

We tried the Mario Kart 8 video on a Chrome browser, where it works best. Just remember to change the video settings to 720p/60fps or 1080p/60fps.