Scoop: Dacia Could Be Working on Sporty Logan

You’re looking at spy shots of a Dacia Logan undergoing hot weather testing and the question is whether Renault’s subsidiary is working on a sports or a facelifted version of its low-cost sedan.

There are points to be made for both arguments and we’ll begin with the Sport edition scenario.

This prototype featured what could be an intercooler or an extra cooler residing behind the cobbled up front bumper together with rear disc brakes (instead of the usual drum brakes) and an odd-looking exhaust extension.

If it is a Sports model, Dacia may use one of Renault’s turbo engines like the 0.9-liter or 1.2-liter units pushed to around 120-130hp.

The other theory about it being light facelift is supported by the altered front face that combines the Renault-badged Logan’s front bumper with the Dacia model’s hood (notice the absence of the logo cut on the bonnet).

One other thing we noticed but are not sure what it is, are two pipe-like extensions coming from under the car on the front door labelled “G13” and “G4”.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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