Take a Look at the Mercedes-Benz 600 Jack Nicholson Owned

All Mercedes-Benz 600s are special, and many were owned by extremely important people. And then there are the 600s that are famous, like this one.

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles recently showcased a Mercedes 600 that has a Hollywood history. This 1972 short-wheelbase model was once owned by actor Jack Nicholson. Finished in a striking purple shade, it looks particularly regal. Which is why it also played a supporting role in the 1987 film The Witches of Eastwick, in which Nicholson played The Devil.

Leaders all over the world, and even the underworld, loved the 600’s stately styling.

Now, CarStories says it’s “A Mercedes built for The Devil.” But then there’s this other 600 in their collection that had a slightly more infamous owner.

By Zac Estrada

Photos courtesy of Petersen Museum

Photo Gallery

  • Six Thousand Times

    If that backseat could talk…

  • Afi Keita James

    Angela channing owned this car.

  • MMNYC18

    Just gorgeous. Perfect. Jack must have been really pissed off at a driver, to break the glass on the horn!

    • casho2015

      The horn is the chrome ring.

  • europeon

    The pic with the cigarette butt is pure genius.

  • AstonMartin

    Such a classy vintage Mercedes Benz in a gorgeous color.

  • Mbukukanyau

    Important people? Last I checked, everyone is important.

    • Who’s asking

      Well check again. Wether you like it or not, in many parts of the world life & people are still cheap.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      cmon. there are people that are much more important than you or I.

  • oh wow!

  • Rover4

    Mercedes have a blind spot when it comes to ‘King of the Hill’ premium models. First we had that rather boring looking Mabach, only for it to be axed and replaced (allegedly) by some cobbled up ‘S Class’. The company would have been so much more successful with a modern version of the 600. Its classic proportions are timeless, and would give Mercedes a product that could sit alongside Rolls and Bentley without any inferiority. Sometimes the answers are from history?

  • Kaptin

    makes me miss my 1980 300D. I love the look of these cars so much.. this one is absolutely stunning.
    I like the one in the X-men movie as well!!!

  • Psuwacz

    Utterly magnificient. That’s it.

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