Unplugged Performance Works with BBS for Unique Tesla Model S Rims

Unplugged Performance is a company specializing in Tesla Model S mods. It offers individual exterior styling enhancements or a full body kit that’s now being complimented by a newly released set of rims, developed in collaboration with BBS.

The wheels, which measure 21 inches in diameter, are “engineered and manufactured by BBS in Germany exclusively for the entire Model S range from Model S 60 to Model S P85 and P85+.”

They’ve also been designed to withstand high weight (2,145 lbs / 917 kg per corner), since the electric sedan is pretty heavy for its size – they also don’t require any suspension mods and even work with the same lugs as the standard rims.

In conjunction with the aforementioned body kit, they really look nice, but we wonder if it’s really worth paying $3,995 for a set of four?

Via Unplugged Performance

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