VW Golf Alltrack Shows Off Plastic Cladding in Paris

If you want a slightly taller VW compact hatch-based estate you have three ways to go: Skoda Octavia Scout, SEAT Leon X-Perience (still sounds ridiculous…) or the Golf Alltrack. The latter has just debuted at the 2014 Paris auto show alongside its Spanish sibling.

The Golf doesn’t really have any defining features to mark it out as special, and the SEAT is arguably the more stylish car. The Skoda looks the most grown up of the three, though the Golf does run it a close second.

We wonder what buyers will be basing their decision to chose any one out of this trio…

The only real aspect to consider here is the fact that Skoda has been raising the suspension of all-wheel drive Octavia estates since the model’s first generation – the original wasn’t called Scout, but it did have beefed up and slightly raised suspension; they formally called it Scout and gave it plastic cladding when the gen two came out.

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