California’s Rich Kids of China and Their Super Exotic Car Tastes

There’s a secret cultural revolution going on in California, but it’s not the kind that paralyzed China in the 1960s and 1970s; this is the discreet uprising of China’s 21st century elite.

These youngsters are the offspring of the New Rich in China who are enjoying the best of what the West has to offer, in what they believe to be a non-offensive manner, since showing off your wealth is supposedly still frowned upon in China, or at least it is by the government.

So, what do they do? Well, they organize secret meetings where they can inconspicuously flaunt their super-exotic and luxury rides, clothing and whatever else it is that these young millionaires feel the need to share with their wealthy peers.

Vocativ went down to Southern California and participated in one of these secret meet-ups and talked to several 20-something year old owners of Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Maseratis.

“I have three Ferraris, this is my newest one,” said one of the youngsters. “Why did you pick this car?” asked the reporter. “I just study in California…and this car’s name is California. Very romantic…” replied the man.

Another young lady seen driving a Maserati coupe, said she didn’t drive it to school as she had an Audi for that…

Well, it could be worse; just look at the RichKidsNaps.

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  • Faraday

    Capitalism is everything wrong here.

  • mccarluvr123

    Just shows that money can’t buy class and good taste.

    • An Existing Person

      It’s their style. Just because you may not like it, doesn’t mean anyone else won’t. I think there’s a bit of jealousy behind this..

      • mccarluvr123

        Jealousy? No. I said what I did because I have Chinese students at my school and there are a few like this. They’re always posting pictures of their stuff and how it’s “no big deal” that they just got a new $2,000 watch. Doing stuff like that for attention isn’t right. And that’s the reason why they do it: for attention. If there’s one kind of person I can’t stand, it’s an attention seeker.

        • An Existing Person

          If they can afford something like that, then it’s their decision to buy it. I mean, you only live once, and these kids are living life to the fullest. It isn’t really attention seeking at all. They’re just trying to show their success. If you were a multi-millionaire, would you still live in your 1 bedroom apartment, driving your 1990 Corolla, and wearing knock off brands? Unless that’s you, most people won’t. They’d buy their fairly large-sized house, their nice Mercedes or whichever car they want, and their luxury clothing brands. It’s becoming a bit more obvious that there is jealousy behind this.

    • Howie Normus

      Just like your comment shows that most mercans also lack class and good manners

      • dumblikeyou2

        I’m sure you’re all class, Howie, using a derogatory term (improperly I might add) to refer to a country.

        • Howie Normus

          Tune into CNN or Fox, whatever destructive side you’re on, and see why I use the derogatory term and what the rest of the world must glean from the unbelievable shit going on in what used to be a glowing example for the rest of the world.

          • dumblikeyou2

            Oh so have you actually been in those parts of the world getting directly affected by it, or just from the comfort of your own home?

      • mccarluvr123

        Manners? Ha! Right, because these kids exhibit great manners by showing off their money.

  • kachuks

    What’s the Chinese symbol for doosh, and overcompensation?

    I guess this is now Cali’s version of Arab summer but apparently, and thankfully, with less engine revying.

    • Howie Normus

      Doosh as you spell it is kachuks.

    • Laresid

      Haters gonna hate. BTW if you’re going to insult someone, be smart enough to spell correctly.

      Makes you look like a dumbass.

      • kachuks

        Actually, I do this all the time to avoid auto review of my comments. But thanks for playing anyways.

        Funny thing is that I was sent to auto review regardless. I’m guessing it was the use of either Chinese or Arab. I wonder which one?

  • shiv

    good for them…if its hard earned money..then definitely enjoy it…

    • mouse

      Yeah, unfortunately most of it is stolen from the Chinese people via corrupt government officials and their secretive business associates. Xi Jinping is coming down hard on this and recently launched ‘Operation Fox Hunt’ (Google it) to track down corrupt officials and their relatives overseas. It’s no surprise that these guys meet in secret.

    • Not so hard

      Consumerism habits can have little correlation to how hard/easy it was to accumilate the needed capital in the first place.

      I have nothing against those who want/choose to work hard or the wealthy finding ways to enjoy themselves, but it is economically possible to be wealthy without working hard.

      • Danny

        Work hard?? Are you kidding? I think what a lot of people resent is that these kids have never lifted a finger.. everything has been handed to them. They have no idea what the value of money is.. or the value of anything for that matter. They are the clueless rich.. They are the 1% from the ruling class of a corrupt Communist country. There is no “working hard” here.. either by them or their parents..

  • 12QWAS

    They don’t bother me. If I were rich like that, I’d choose sunny SoCal over a foggy old city in the UK to show off in. At least I’d be able to actually drive it rather than crawl through traffic in it. Then I could bang hot dumb wanna-be actresses with my parent’s money in between showing off; go surfing on off days, and do some lines at night at a pool party off a girl’s tits. Yup, sounds like helluva lot more fun in fact.

    • Johnny

      You’ve been watching the Wolf of Wall Street too much. lol


    ho lee fook we tu suk sum ting wong we lik bling

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I have no complaints for what these kids can afford. You only live once and if you can afford it do it and let the others sizzle in envy. I know a few of them in Taiwan and they drive similar cars. Often nice guys you like to hang around for a beer. What worries me about the Chinese, more than the Taiwanese instead is not what they can afford to buy but how they made that money. Whoever has been in China and has seen the difference between these and the normal Chinese can understand. Kudos for the cars but the money they are bought with is filthy dirty in most cases, if it comes from China. You can’t make that money honestly in China. Showing those cars off as a great achievement and success in life has a bittersweet taste. Sweet because the cars are cool of course. Bitter because in a host of cases they have been bought with money made in ways you don’t want to know and at the expenses of millions of others in a system that claims to be something else with “Chinese characteristics”. Some of my Chinese friends in China are pissed off definitely.

  • 12333444333

    I genuinely didn’t find anyone in this video obnoxious like the comments would imply. Fair play to them, if they can enjoy these kind of cars at this age, why not?

  • It’s unfathomable.