Darling, I Shrunk the Porsche 928 – the Brazilian Way

There’s nothing wrong with your screen’s resolution, nor is this a Porsche enthusiast’s Photoshop attempt. The car you’re looking at is a bonna-fide mini replica of the 928 – with a twist.

Here’s the story, courtesy of Flussigmagazine: the car is manufactured by a Brazilian company named Dacon. Dacon used to be a Porsche dealer but, when car imports were prohibited in 1976, it turned into designing and manufacturing its own cars.

Apparently, local-made VWs are big in Brazil. Thus, Dacon followed the tradition set by Ferdinand Porsche and built the rear-engined, flat-four-powered 828 that was designed by Anisio Campos. The 1.6-liter VW boxer was (naturally) air-cooled and had an output of 65hp, good for a top speed of 89 mph (142 km/h). Its high price though deterred potential buyers. During its 11-year production run, only 47 units were sold.

Now comes the interesting part. After the 828 Dacon went ahead and built a scaled-down replica of the 928, sadly sans the pop-up headlamps. On the other hand, they stuck the engine in the back. Interestingly, that’s something Porsche itself was contemplating for a while when it was designing the original sports coupe before they ditched the boxer motor for a V8 and placed it at the front.

Surprisingly, given that high-end brands hunt down and kill knock-offs, Porsche has refrained from taking legal action. Therefore, while a sub-Boxster model is (according to Stuttgart) out of the question, a mini-me Porsche is already out there complete with the trademark phone-dial alloys, 928-aping rear end and the original’s rear lights.

By Andrew Tsaousis

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  • That Ross Chap

    ‘Teste’? Oh come on…

    • Marcelo

      It’s in portuguese. “Teste” means “test”.
      i.e – “track test” is “teste de pista” in portuguese.

      • That Ross Chap

        I was very aware of that; I merely thought it was mildly amusing

  • Vitor Matsubara

    Guys, Dacon was a independent company that manufactured special cars founded in the 60’s. It began as a Porsche local representative, but after car importation was prohibited in the 70’s, the company decided to build Volkswagen air-cooled special vehicles. This “shrunked” 928 is named Dacon PAG. Dacon has also built other cars, like the PAG Nick (a even smaller car, based on Brazilian most sold car since 1986, the VW Gol) and the 828, a real tiny 928. For more informations you can check the links above (I have more high-res pics of these cars if you guys want to)!




    Vitor Matsubara
    Quatro Rodas’ Magazine (yeah, the same magazine stamped on the car’s door) Reporter

  • Marcos

    The engine in that “928” was in front, the water-cooled 1.8-liter from the VW Gol and Passat.

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