Here’s The Jeep Renegade Screaming, ‘I’m A Real Jeep!’

As the littlest one of the family, the Jeep Renegade has its work cut out proving it can hang with its siblings.

That’s why Jeep has released a series of videos, called Tales of the Trailhawk. It’s where Jeep engineers show you the diminutive Renegade Trailhawk (the most offroad-ish of the Renegades) can do what its name suggests.

The three videos show the Renegade tackling water, angles and sand with apparent ease. These engineers are keen to show you that all of the Trailhawk’s talk of low-range and approach angles really means something on even this Jeep.

Which is a good thing, as early European reviewers seem to agree that the Renegade’s off-road skills are in stark contrast to its mediocre on-road performance.

But frankly, these show me the Renegade is a ton of fun and (just) enough Jeep for most adventures. It’s so adorable doing these off-road tasks you just want to pat it on the head and buy it an ice cream cone.

By Zac Estrada