Land Rover CEO Pissed at LandWind Over Their X7 Evoque Clone

Land Rover CEO Dr Ralf Speth said LandWind’s X7 SUV qualifies as an Intellectual Property theft and will approach Chinese officials about the matter at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

“The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing. The simple principle is that it is not something that should happen; the Intellectual Property is owned by Jaguar Land Rover and if you break that IP then you are in breach of international regulations that apply around the world,” Speth told Autocar magazine.

The executive said Land Rover has invested heavily in China with its joint venture partner Chery and what LandWind has done with the X7 damages its business in China.

“I will talk to our officials and I will talk to our partners at Chery to find a way around this situation. I cannot imagine Chinese officials will be happy at any actions that undermine the credibility of the country. What we have seen today is not correct,” Speth added.

The LandWind X7 looks very similar to the Range Rover Evoque, a model that Land Rover recently started producing in China. While the Evoque is priced from around £40,000, the LandWind X7 will go on sale later this month for just £14,000. The Chinese lookalike is powered by a 188hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

LandWind is a Chinese carmaker created as a joint venture between Changan Auto and Jiangling Motors Corporation.


Land Wind X7

  • c3vzn

    I’m surprised more companies don’t take legal action against these copiers. China is a massive market and I assume that these cars do sell a decent amount given their low prices.

    • Chun-Chi

      IP property doesn’t work in China as in the others countries. That’s why they copy everything and anything as they pleased.

    • Handy Andy

      Yeah IP trademark, copyright and patent law in China does exist but the government doesn’t enforce it. There is no monetary value incentive because the withholding tax in independent of private corporations. Meaning you can sue but it will never get in front of a judge in China. Even if it did; there will be no ruling that requires the infringer to pay for damages due to the tax status.

      The best you can do is file in your own country to restrict import or sale of the product. This is why there are so many knock offs in China. However the ban doesn’t restrict an end user from importing it; just the company that owns it to do so.

      Good luck land rover becuase nothing will happen. Just ask Google or microsoft about IP law and China. hahhahahha

    • dinn

      It doesn’t work like that. Car makers make more profit when they will keep their blind eye 🙂 China is the biggest market in the world so manufacturers don’t want to be excluded from this territory. It is the same situation as with phone manufacturers. iPhone and Samsung clones are very popular over there, done of them even goes on sale before original (GooPhone).

  • Jackson Li

    Sometime, I wonder may be the Chinese are doing this as a payback for all the wars they have lost to the Westerners, but then again they are hurting themselves ultimately, reputation suicide at its finest.

    • CarCzarDesigner

      No. The Chinese have been copying Western products with cheap knock-offs for decades. The Chinese are industrious and in there minds there isn’t any downside to copying a product because they know the demand is already there. They just see this as lowering the risk of coming up with something that may fail in the market place. They don’t care about their reputation in this sense because this is about their economic prosperity & survival.

      • jh

        i just talked to a chinese friend of mine about that topic and it is just a totally different approach. he said – and i agree – humans are not (or barely) able to create something really new. they always copy something (at least partly), put it together in a new fashion and maybe improve it, here and there. but in the end, it is a copy – maybe copied from nature, from past designs or inventions. they just go from there and don’t try to act, as if it was something new. and look how far they have gotten in a relativly short period of time…

        • CarCzarDesigner

          I disagree. I was raised in Southeast Asia and in Hong Kong, you could find cheap Western knock offs, of inferior quality in any street market. As a Designer, I suppose you could make the case whatever I create, though innovative, it was based on previous idea or existing design that someone else thought up. OK. But, this is a clear copy of an existing product which is an infringement of International Trade Laws, because Land Rover went through the time & expense of getting the design of their vehicles Patented. It would be one thing if the Chinese had done what Aston Martin did with the Lagonda, back in the late 70’s, where they took the stogy Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and re-invented it, taking the design well past the next level.

          A Chinese company like Land Wind could have hired a slew of Western Car Designers which could of created for them unique, prominent designs that would have customers eating out of their hand. But they chose to cheat instead and save on the expense of the design & engineering by building this. I think Land Wind should be sued big time! Land Rover should consider selling only special vehicles for China, which won’t ruffle their feathers if they ever get cloned. It is the risk you run doing business in China, up and until the Gov’t does more to stop this practice.

    • Patrick

      I think all companies do that in the beginning. The second-Gen Celica, for example, is a copy of Mustang. Even the Lexus LS used to be a Merc S copy. Maybe not as close as what Land Wind did, but it is still close

  • Lautaro

    As a college student I am, I’d be very happy with that LandWind. It looks amazing and the engine seems ok.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      you tacky as hell

    • Billy Farmer

      lol if it was sold here in the states for under 20.000 , I would drive it but hell that will never happen. I dont give a ratts ass if it is a copycat or not, if it looks good and drives good for atleast 100.000 miles then I am for it

      • BongMasteR

        As seen with the Chinese knock-off bikes the parts used are cheap and inferior. they break down within weeks from the factory floor, and service inmjterval are much more rapid than their counterrparts. doubt very much you could get 100 000mi from the landwind

        • AD

          The same applies to Landrovers. As soon as you drive them off the showroom,the problem begins. Quality wise I don’t think they any different from the Landwind.
          Only time will tell.

          • Maybe the CEO is pissed because he’s scared the knockoff will outlast Landrover.

    • Patrick

      You could rebadge it and 99% of the people will think that you own the real Evoque. If you didn’t rebadge it, maybe the percentage would go down to roughly 95%

    • Redskyblackdream

      As expensive as college is I TOTALLY agree with u! Just as good looking as the Evoque at more than half the price! Don’t know anything about the engine except displacement but sounds okay. I wish we could get steals like this in the USA too. Call me tacky but my bank account would be the one with the last laugh.

  • SamuraiJack

    It almost sounds like he just found out Chinese manufacturers are creating cloned cars. Or maybe he just didn’t care when they cloned the competition’s cars.

  • Fakir Smith

    The Chinese are horrendous. The fact that this is allowed to continue speaks volumes. The fact everyone here continues to support it more amazes me. Yes you Mr. Walmart shopper.

    • Billy Farmer

      Those Walmart shoppers also makes your taxes go up cause their shopping requires Walmart workers to make min wage so the prices are cheap and the CEO’s and walton family can still live in their million dollar homes and drive their many cars .So yes you pay more taxes for all those Walmart workers who get SNAP, Hud Housing etc cause Walmart pays min wage. They say Prices keep dropping when you visit a Walmart but when your paying for it allin the long run with Uncle Sam !

      Hell I only make 33k a year, I may quit my job, get a min wage job at walmart or mcds and get food stamps and hud housing and let all you pay for my food and housing cause it is ok with you all who voted Republican after all since you support min wage and its side effects,

      thanks for the free ride I may take in the future on your hard work lol and when I work there, Ill be like what ever, fire me, who cares, I am taking another 15 min break, I will go work at another min wage job not giving an F

      • Hugh Jorgan

        Thanks for the laughs.

  • RayCee

    Because it looks so similar doesn’t mean it is engineered to be a safe place to put yourself and family in. It is probably rubbish underneath. Like a fake Rolex. It’s here at this blog too:

    • BongMasteR

      Evoque scored 8.0 on ncap safety ratings. the land wind scored 0

      • Hugh Jorgan


  • xfx

    Now, just clone Laferrari and I’ll be sold.

  • Howstar

    The culture is completely different over there, the risk is if JLR wins its legal battle then it could be seen as damaging a Chinese brand, which could in-turn damage JLRs reputation with the Chinese people.

  • ck

    Looks like they used a Kia steering wheel.

    • Patrick

      Still more reliable

  • klowik

    This will still sell in China since most car buyers are ignorant of what car models there are. esp in China, there are few hundreds brands to choose from. For people who can afford at this price, they mostly don’t care as long as it looks good. Brand ignorance don’t just happen in China. Most people see cars as a box with 4wheels!

  • Stephen

    That’s the nicest $14k interior I’ve seen.

  • donald seymour

    BMW is like join the club, because China don’t give a hoot. Have fun prosecuting them in court.

    • NEW_340

      I really don’t feel that bad for Land Rover, they are overpriced earth ruiners. China makes more then 90 of the crap here – except cars. The common folk of China can not afford a real Land Rover so they by this. Its the same thing with the iPhone-they have all kinds of knock offs, and at least in China theres not a dam thing to be done about it. So talk to who ever u will the Chinese aren’t gonna change anytime soon. And IP? IP? the evoque has all kinds of Ford stuff in it anyways. The new LR3 is a rip-off , no lockable 4×4 , in fact both the Evoque and new LR3 will use AWD not 4×4, not lockable etc etc… and all from Ma Ma Ford…Mazda…. Lincoln…Volvo
      SO really the difference is the tech of the Land Wind that may be missing, but the looks are similar the big difference with Land Wind is they didn’t pay Land Rover.

      • Status

        The Evoque is “overpriced” because it is a quantifiably better product. A $14k Land Wind will never perform, crash, feel, handle, or depreciate better than the Evoque, no matter if the Chinese built it or not.

        I think you’ll find that it’s not that the Chinese “aren’t going to change anytime soon”. Rather, the Chinese luxury consumer with the means will get the genuine article no matter what the price is, whereas the Chinese non-luxury consumer will get the knock off and will spend their time pretending to be wealthy.

        Luxury is not a value proposition. It’s the same rule for the Germans, the Americans, the Koreans, as it is for the Chinese and everyone else on earth.

  • Carson

    It may look like the real thing but is it as safe in a crash?

    • aMoKio

      Not safe, no QA from the Chinese

    • MC Wong

      Depends which market it’s targeting. If export them the quality will be good. Don’t underestimate their manufacturing capabilities. Chinese products can match Korean or Japanese quality if they don’t cut too much costs. Look at xiaomi phones, the quality can match Apple.

    • BongM

      Evoque scored 8.0 on ncap safety ratings. the land wind scored 0

  • marko

    Land Rover should make crashtest confrontation 🙂

  • wildwoodpecker

    £14000.. Bloody expensive for something that handles and rides like a
    shopping trolley with leather seats .. it has the same chassis as the 0
    saftey rated BMW X5 rip off… it must have a chassis/ passenger cell
    less rigid than a shopping trolley… BUT it’s got a big touch screen
    and has the ability to go through small puddles of water with minimal
    effort as long as you like rust…
    Seriously looking at the body work pics close up the pannel quality and finish is worse than a mark 1 Ford Escort ..
    th plus side the land wind comes with a 5 day anti perforation warranty
    (void if you take out the garrage) a guarantee that yo will feel
    every bump and warning not to turn the steering wheel too fast as the
    steering components may strugle and suffer premature failiure if you use

    • Patrick

      Did you drive one?

      • wildwoodpecker

        your telling me you would be happy to put your kids in one and go for a drive? just looks at the pics of the land wind and a used X5 coppy that uses the same chassis…you don’t have to be a engineer to see its a death trap! Maybe the quality is OK for a NUMPTY who nwants a bargain?? BUT is it I rekon its 14K in the bin in 6 months it will be wortheless if it lasts that long! ITS [email protected]

  • The Chinese are now over doing it, what happened to original work? they need to come up with their own designs

    • TheBelltower

      The only thing worse than a Chinese knockoff is something designed by the Chinese. It’s astonishing how bad they are at designing anything without a head-start.

  • Poul Jørgensen

    I love how the speaker grille says “Sound”. I guess it’s a good clarification, as one can be in doubt, that it is in fact sound being generated behind the grille.

    • Patrick

      Like the 2015 Mustang…… lol…. sound that’s pretending to come from the other grille

  • klowik

    Where is the 8speed auto gearbox from?

  • klowik

    Land Rover should just as well sell the copyright of the design to all the Chinese manufacturers so that LR can make money on every car the Chinese manufacturers sell. When there is Chery, Great Wall or Changan Evoque everywhere on the road of China, the owners of the copycat LR evoque will start to feel shame about owning a clone copycat.

    • Patrick

      They wont, because 90% of the people couldn’t differentiate them anyway

  • McTrevors

    F*** patenting… if Land Rover feels they have a better and more authentic machine, so be it… let the competition begin. I sure would buy that Landwind, drive it for 50000 miles and sell imediately.

    • Status

      You wouldn’t be able to sell it. Even if you could, you won’t get anything for it. They depreciate worse than American cars.

      • McTrevors

        No big deal… its cheaper anyway

        • Status

          Then don’t look at genuine Land Rovers as being a value proposition. Luxury products aren’t priced to move units, they’re priced to captivate and stir the emotions of the owner.

          You may be happy with the $14k knock off, but you won’t automatically jump up the social status ladder or impress the kinds of people who regularly buy luxury products; they’ll know you’re faking it.

    • AD

      That’s actually more miles you get from a Landy product.
      I’m with you on that one.

  • joeyoe

    it’s interior is so revoltingly disgusting, I don’t think JLR need to worry too much.

  • Ken Lyns

    Since this is Land Rover we are talking about, there’s a chance the Chinese knockoff will be more reliable!

  • Patrick

    I dont think its worth the effort, customers wont cross shop them anyway

  • MC Wong

    This is not a fake, unlike Gucci, Rolex, etc. The shape is quite similar with differences too. It’s not like a complete clone. Similar to Apple vs Samsung where rectangle with rounded corners is copyright by Apple?

    • Patrick

      Its one thing if Apple and Samsung has the same corner, its another thing if you can buy Samsung’s part and fit it inside apples

  • Kofi Mug

    Adidas, Nike also suffered the same scalpel work. Difference is, Chinese products don’t last as well as the original products. Looking at the economy, they just see a niche and customer need to satisfy. In clothing, threads hang from pockets, zips don’t work after 2 months plus the headache of trying to negotiate a return of the product. You end up giving up

  • EmCee

    Ok, so if its so similar.. Why is it 26,000 less on the price tag.. Whos being ripped off really..???

  • AD

    Come on guys.
    At 1/4 the price the Evogue is a ripp off. I’ll take the land wind .
    I’m sure both will not take you off road.
    Cos they are both pavement hoppers. LandWind may bring you back home if you ventured off road.
    Landrover has been ripping off customers for a while now with their overpriced and unreliable vehicles.
    Well done Landwind,
    Can’t wait for your vehicle to go on sale worldwide.

  • Grzegorz Litwin

    Very nice car. Chinese are improving the quality of their cars and may take a huge piece of car market. Exactly like japanese 30 years ago and koreans in current decade. It is very good, that this changes happen, because real and fair competition between manufacturers always brings profits to the quality and innovations and reduces the proces of cars.

  • angot t. ookei

    Everybody is forgetting who builds car for whom. OEM. Or most westerners dont know where is north and south. Kind of a few months ago, most americans thought apple is made in usa. Lol. What a laugh. Haha.

  • jh

    i find it very amusing, how china couldn’t care less about design patents… try to sue them ;P

    the americans and other nations, as well, didn’t care if they violated a patent, in the past. why would the biggest producer in the world, who everyone depends on, care?

    but i certainly understand the bad mood jlr is in!

  • wiz69

    very nice looking motor… great idea ripping it off Land Rover… it looks better than the Evoque…

  • UK Stu

    Come on Land-Wind produce a Defender clone and get it to the UK at proper money.

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