Mercedes Confirms New AMG Sports Range to Take On Audi’s S Models

We’ve heard the rumors and seen the prototypes, and now, Mercedes‘s new AMG Sport sub-brand is official and it will be introduced via two new models at the 2015 Detroit Show.

As we revealed in an earlier post today, the first model teased in the picture is the new GLE 450 AMG Sport, while the other one is the C450 AMG Sport that will be offered in sedan and estate body styles, with both cars to get a modified version of Merc’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter petrol V6 producing around 360 to 370 horses.

Mercedes said more models will follow in “due course”.

AMG boss Tobias Moers believes that the new sub-brand will help Mercedes tap into a new market of customers and boost sales, which this year, will reach a record number of 40,000 units globally. “In the next three years we aim to more than double our total sales for 2013,” said Moers.

The AMG Sport sub-brand is the equivalent of Audi’s S-branded sports cars like the S4, S5, S6 and S8, BMW’s M Performance models such as the M235i and X5 M50d, and Cadillac’s newly born V-Sport moniker on the CTS.

It’s positioned between the AMG thoroughbred sports cars (i.e. C63 AMG) and the cosmetic AMG Sport Packages (i.e. C400 with the AMG Sport package).

Unlike the AMG Sport Package that is a trim grade-only with styling parts offered on all regular engines, the AMG Sport are dedicated models with uprated engine output, all-wheel drive as standard in selected markets and special chassis components and brake systems sourced from the high-performance AMG models

Therefore, while a C400 with an AMG Sport Package might look similar to a C450 AMG Sport in terms of appearance, the two cars will differ in performance and handling.

It can be confusing and it makes you wonder why Mercedes didn’t think of a different nomenclature – i.e. have the regular AMG models, the AMG Sport models and the Sport Package. I think that would have worked better.

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  • So Sportline will now be called AMG… So lika Audi with S-line, just commercial… If it makes more volume for Mercedes it will really be the confirmation that people want small engines, economy but angry mean looking cars. We are going to see a lot of fake AMG’s running with Diesel. As it seems most Audis with big Diesel are sold in S-line.

  • Rafael

    It’s not really commercial. It’s just the division between the hardcore RS and AMG models and the softer diesel-esc and petrol engines. For years Audi has ruled that market share.. Mercedes decided now to compete

    • The Equivalent of AMG at Audi is Quattro Gmbh making RS and R8. But no one knows Quattro like AMG, for the public RS is as Audi as S models. To everyone, Quattro is a technology not a brand or sub brand unlike AMG or M division. Audi is not calling the sport line “QUATTRO-line”. we both know it’s a problem of name. But AMG and M are normally reserved to extrem versions, as RS. An RS6 will always be the most extreme A6. Now an E-class AMG, can be an 220 bluetec cdi. Fashion… People buy the Fiesta that looks like a Aston Martin with a grill too big for the car, but with a tiny economical engine. Even the tesla, sure it is Sporty, but economical to use, has no engine, still has a big angry fake grill.

      • Real AMG, M, RS fanatic

        The AMG Sport is now a brand equivalent to Audi’s S, not S-Line, not that hard to understand really!

        For non-AMG powered models (including diesels) their have been genuine AMG branded body kits/rims for DECADES sold through MB dealers, and for that matter even Brabus (also via MB dealers) are guilty of the same thing for just as long.

        “AMG” branded products like bodykits at MB dealers have exsisted since 1988. The very same bodykit on the first ‘official’ MB dealer sold AMG (190 AMG 3.2) was also available for order on any 190.

  • joecartoon22

    more dilution of the brand

  • KidRed

    BMW isn’t all designated by performance models. They have (BMW) 335i=(Audi) S4, 550i=S6, 650i=S5, 750i=S8, etc.

  • Kash

    I just can’t understand why they thought that putting ‘Sport’ over the ‘AMG’ badge was a good idea if they’re calling it AMG-Sport not Sport-AMG. Hierarchy is for more than just magazine layouts. I hope they fix it before they start slapping these badges on every model in the range.