New BMW 7-Series Spied Wearing Full Production Body

Just like a professional exotic dancer [sic], BMW’s next 7-Series is slowly pulling down its camo’d garments, cheekily showing us a bit of skin, as the drumbeat for its grand premiere gets louder.

We’re still about 9 to 10 months away from its 2015 Frankfurt motor show debut, but for the first time, BMW has released a prototype wearing a full production body and trim on the road, without the fake panels and hidden grille.

The rear-door window line suggests that this could be the long-wheelbase version, with the pictures hinting at a subtly sportier evolution of the current 7-Series’ shape and styling with a less rounded, and lower and more aggressive looking front end.

Towards the back, the rear window seems more slanted adding to the more athletic impression that the new G11 / G12 (LWB) codenamed model gives us over today’s car.

In our previous scoop story, we saw that BMW’s designers used a similar evolutionary approach to the new 7er’s interior as well.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • An Existing Person

    I’m not seeing much change here. Looks very similar to the previous model, only with inspiration from the current 5-Series’s front and rear.

  • Louis

    Looks cheaper? I get that its covered in camo, but still looks at most like a 5 series. Has it shrunken in size too?

  • none

    Good to see that they still haven’t ruined it with a wedge-shaped profile or any grotesque front-design like most other brands. This one actually look very good, so far.

    • bob

      keep that hate up on Lexus troll

      • Six Thousand Times

        Care to douse that sentence with a little punctuation so we know what you’re talking about?

  • Mike Gonzalez

    meh… another stretched out 3 series

  • One of the ugliest…

    … models in the BMW lineup. Still a massive piggy nose. I doubt this will come anywhere close to the A8, let alone the new S Class which is in a league of its own.

  • Six Thousand Times

    It’s easily identifiable as a BMW. The proportions seem spot on. It’s not a sea-change in styling but if it really can drop more than 200 kilos, it could be a winner.

  • donald seymour

    I Love STREET! It’s so clean. Man, I can’t wait to drive on that street.

  • MJ Coffey

    Reminds me of the VW Golf 6 .. ‘It’s an all-new car, guys!’
    Yeah, no. It’s a big facelift. Period.

  • Grumpy

    While the E class looks like a baby S Class, the 7 series looks like a bigger 5 series. Shame.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I think it will look like a solid entry in this segment. It won’t break far from current BMW aesthetics. I think the S-Class is still the finest in the segment, and I don’t see Audi or BMW topping Mercedes, even with the upcoming A8 and 7-series.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I think each car in this segment appeals to different people and different tastes. For me, the new S Class is a snooze fest. The AUDI is a beautiful car, but not yet…think S8 from Ronin, how that style is still ‘good’ looking today.

      This 7 looks like it will be very light on its feet, design-wise and heft-wise, which I am not sure is the right move for this segment. That said, I will wait for full reveal to judge. The interior looks more upmarket though, which is nice. If the drive feel isn’t overly diluted like it is in the F15, then it will be ok.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    If it looks anything like this rendering, I am not concerned about it selling well.

    • MarketAndChurch

      That would be segment-leading, mainly for being both and different. I would be most worried for Audi then, but the new Prologue, if done right, might just do the trick. The Mercedes will be a slight bit aged alongside this, but still a competent entry.

      • Gareth Siew

        I don’t think so. It will always be the last in the segment. As I said, BMW never succeed especially in term of marketing, 7-series alone has limited choices. I am expected the G11 will be the same, unless they introduce the M7 (which does had a lot of demand, compared to X6/X5 M) and 8-series. Who knows? Unless BMW has to do something to change their marketing strategy, they will lose even more customers!

  • NG212

    This looks nice — but every car in this segment is nice. To stand out in the crowd, it’ll have to be extraordinary in some areas.

    It’s clear interior and exterior design won’t be it. Perhaps it’ll have good handling (though it should be noted that BMWs are becoming less dynamic), but it’s doubtful it’ll be as good as the sports leader in the segment — the Porsche Panamera. So it’ll likely compete primarily against the Audi A8 to offer a balance of generic German luxury and a sporty image.

    It won’t sell 100,000 units a year, but all the 7-series loyalists will be glad to get one.

  • Gareth Siew

    Regardless of whether the new 7-series will make it or not, I believe that BMW will fail in multiple ways (especially in their market strategy) because BMW had gone in the same old fashion for over 20 years 🙁

    Cadillac is chasing up after BMW. Jaguar and Land Rover is now loosing BMW on its tail. HAHAHA

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