New Volvo V60 Cross Country At The LA Auto Show

The Volvo V60 Cross Country isn’t adventurous, even if it implies it’s ready for adventures. But those in love with the Volvo’s sleek shape may like this tougher-looking wagon.

The chief differences between the V60 and this Cross Country version are apparent with one look. It’s ever-so-slightly higher off the ground, with a bit more cladding around the wheelarches and at the front and rear clips and a new grille with the radar detection system better integrated than on non-Cross Country Volvos.

There’s also the subtle “CROSS COUNTRY” insignia embossed into the rear bumper cladding. That’s too subtle for me, though. I miss the old XC70s with their rugged affiliation shown on a big tailgate decal. I’m probably in the minority on that one.

However, step inside and there’s little change from the normal V60, aside from some brown stitching on these black leather seats.

The standard V60, especially in R-Design trim, is still more attractive and this new variant doesn’t add too much over that car. That said, it’s ever-so-slightly easier to get into and offers just that bit more ground clearance that’s useful if you drive on gravel-covered or potholed road surfaces (appropriate then, this LA debut). And that’s why this half-step between a V60 and XC60 will find a market.

By Zac Estrada

Photos: Zac Estrada / Carscoops