The Audi Prologue Concept Is A Beautiful Sign Of Things To Come

The Audi Prologue Concept is a throwback to the seductive two-door luxury coupe, in the vein of classic Mercedes and even Lincoln models. But the beauty really is in the details of this.

For hours, this thing was absolutely mobbed by people at Audi‘s LA Auto Show stand, and you couldn’t get a photo without at least six hands in it. And those people were probably obsessing over every corner of this car, crouching down on the stand to get a look at every single crease and line.

From a distance, the Prologue isn’t a particular stunner. But up close, its quiet surface details and sharp, crisp shapes exude that kind of timeless elegance that big, old coupes used to.

Unlike the brash Mercedes S-Class Coupe that flaunts its size and luxury, the Prologue is restrained and tasteful by comparison. It oozes class, yet retains its ability to be imposing. Let’s hope Audi makes this a lovely, proper A9 luxury coupe at some point.

But even if they don’t, the lines bode well for the next-generation of the brands models. The future A6, A7 and A8 lines would be very lucky to share stuff like the concave windscreen and interior that’s so uncluttered, yet hides its tech in screens like the Audi TT does.

The Audi quietly impresses. But it impresses more and more the longer you stare at it. And you can get lost in it, as many people did on Wednesday.

By Zac Estrada

Photos Zac Estrada / Carscoops