2016 Audi Q7: This Is It!

The first official photos of the second-generation Audi Q7 have surfaced on the web, with the brand’s flagship SUV adopting a rather conservative design.

But that was to be expected, since it’s Audi we’re talking about. The most significant exterior changes are at the front end, which has become more aerodynamic and less massive than before. However, if you have seen our artist Josh Byrnes’ rendering of the Audi Q7, you won’t be surprised at all of the new model’s front end. It features more rectangular headlights with LED clusters similar to those on the Audi TT and a hexagonal 3D grille.

Other changes have taken place at the rear, where the taillights have changed shape, going for a rectangular form. Also, the Q7 doesn’t appear to be as tall as before when seen from the rear. As for the profile, it is very similar to the outgoing model.

But the most important update has to be the interior, as the Q7 gets a more modern dashboard with a minimalist design and TT-inspired digital instrument cluster. There’s also a free-standing display and interconnected air vents that remind of the new VW Passat. No official information has been released yet, but given the leak of these official photos, we expect to hear from Audi soon. Until then, feel free to give your feedback on the new Audi Q7’s looks.

Image source: Autopareri via Worldcarfans




    • Bo Hanan

      Thought it was the A6 wagon. My bad.

      • donald seymour

        Dude you stole the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking a slight upgrade to an Audi wagon and then I read the title and my mouth suddenly drop.

    • Deutschland Uber Alles

      Wouldn’t drive a Chinese Volvo even if my only other option was a pair of roller blades missing a wheel…

  • Nice interior, boring exterior.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Pretty much sums it up.

  • KHM5

    Extremely boring.

  • Squeezit Wafflenose

    What a bore… /yawns to death/

  • Poul Jørgensen

    Looks like a Station wagon, not so much an SUV.

  • Gustavo Adriano

    Man, wtf are these tailights?!!
    Ps: I loved this new steering wheel.

  • SamuraiJack

    If it’s this boring in blue, what will it look like in silver?

  • CFK

    Dear XC90 you are killing it!

  • the new Audi LED signature is missing the looks of what the A1, A6, and R8 had : A look! Made them a face.

  • That Ross Chap

    Well that was anticlimatic

    • donald seymour

      Very anti-climatic.

    • NG212

      Were you expecting more? This is Audi.

      • That Ross Chap

        I wasn’t expecting much but the exterior design of 2011 Q7’s don’t look outdated and I swear this already kind of does

  • Christian

    Motor choice. 2,0 TDI 240 bHP, 2,0 TFSI 280 Bhp and so on : 🙂

  • KF

    Volvo XC90…this is your competition, none.

  • firejoe

    Interior ist OK, Exterior: boring “Langweilig”

    Looks like a inflated Q3

  • europeon

    … and this is after they delayed it for almost two years because the original design for the second generation was too boring and they had to start allover again.

    I’d really love to see some leaks of that original design.

    • NG212

      It was delayed because it was considered too aggressive, and some in Audi thought it was designed too much for Russian tastes.

      “Hackenberg and his new chief designer Marc Lichte have sent the
      designers back to the drawing board. They are working to take some of
      the aggressiveness out of the vehicle [Q7], which, according to an insider,
      “catered mainly to Russian tastes.”


      • europeon

        That’s the second delay you’re talking about. The first one was because Wolfgang Egger thought it was too boring.

  • KF

    Compared to this the new XC90 is a revolution…

  • Joey

    This car’s Exterior looks so bland it makes me want to cry. Also I was hoping they’d get rid of the station wagon profile the earlier car had.

  • JL

    It’s more a break than a SUV…!

  • Why are the design of the most recent cars looks so unimpressive?

  • warpcar

    I’ll take the steering wheel and that’s it.

  • dumblikeyou2

    The title of this article should have read: THIS IS IT????

  • Sébastien

    Interior is nice, it reminds me of the new Passat (vents, etc… with just a motorized Navigation screen)
    But it really looks like a borring A6 Allroad from outside.

  • dinn

    Is it facelift? I don’t believe it can be new model.

  • Maher

    It looks like the old Q7 but facelifted.

  • ahem

    I actually like it. It’s a clean look that can still save some aggressiveness for the s-line (if there is one). The only thing I’m really not a fan of is that quarter glass and the aero blade running down the side of the doors — they both look a bit out of place.

  • Jim Ragland

    With the brand’s flagship SUV adopting a rather conservative design. Rather conservative??? at least the interior looks very nice and I guess you rather look at it than what’s going on outside.

  • JA
  • Andrewthecarguy

    SO…basically it is the X5 versus the XC90. Nothing else compares right now.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Carscoop, can you do a compare with the XC90 and X5? Pretty pleeease???

  • jjs4653

    Looks like a station wagon–I was hoping for so much more,,,, darn

  • KHM5

    It’s NOT often I’m proud of being Swedish but as a car enthusiast it feels pretty cool that we most likely will be producing the worlds fastest supercar (One:1) as well as the best SUV (XC90) in 2015.

    • NG212

      You have much to be proud of, with or without the awesome cars.

  • NG212

    I’m not at all defending this, but it seems Audi saved its design energy for the upcoming Q8 flagship, which will have a sportier design.

  • M

    what a load of rubbish

  • Honda NSX-R

    I’m not liking the exterior at all, especially the front.

  • Nick777

    Absolutely brilliant. Audi is the only car company that can make a very large vehicle look sleek and timeless.

    Interior is pure elegance Audi style.

    This will make the XC90 look fat and old straight away.

  • Samari

    All Q’s will be molded into the same new family look. It stared with Q3, now its Q7 and so on. Relatively speaking, the front looks much better now and so does the dash. some comparison photos http://carnoise.blogspot.in/2014/12/new-audi-q7-versus-old-q7-comparison.html

  • Jason

    What the hell? I love Audi and I’m a proud owner but the person who designed the EXTERIOR needs to be fired immediately, the INTERIOR is great though. Seriously the older Q7 looks so much better. What idiots!!!!

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