Does a Nissan 240SX Work With a Swapped LS3? Oh Yes, Quite!

If the only way you see a 240SX is with its standard engine or at least something also coming from a Nissan swapped under the bonnet, then you will not like the car built in the video posted here.

It’s been extensively modified (lowered, stiffened) and it also features an LS3 V8 out of a Camaro SS. Packing 430 hp and not adding as much weight as you might imagine, it actually has a lot of potential, even if MotorTrend’s resident racing driver, Randy Pobst, does find several issues with it when he puts it to the test on the track.

Even so, we were impressed by just how much performance was extracted from it. Imagine what could be done if something, say, was done to the engine, since it’s bone stock currently, and that just doesn’t sound right for a car such as this.

It would be silly to give it a supercharger or turbocharger setup, and it would be much better if they tuned it the old fashioned way, with cams, valves, timing and other finesse touches – it doesn’t need a bunch more power, but it’s just wrong to leave something like this stock…

Check it out (and be impressed) below!


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