Ferrari F430 Spider Plunges Into a Pond

Last we checked, Ferrari’s supercars weren’t made for underwater use, but a Croatian owner of a F430 Spider gave it a try anyway after he landed into a pond.

The accident happened in Austria late Wednesday night when, for unknown reasons, the 36-year old driver of the Ferrari went off the road and down a 70 meter (230 feet) slope before sinking the F430 in two meters of water.

A report from Index said that the unidentified driver of the Ferrari was able to get out of the car by himself and walk to a nearby house where he called the police and emergency services.

Firefighters pulled the water-damaged F430 Spider out of the pond in one piece, but somehow, we can’t see this Italian exotic revving its V8 anytime soon.

Photos courtesy of FF-wernberg

Thanks to Milan Rališ for the tip!

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