Hankook Shows Futuristic Transforming Tires Idea

South Korean tire manufacturer Hankook has released an animated promo showing a few ideas for tires that change on the fly in order to adapt to different surfaces/road conditions.

These currently seem a bit distant from production, but they’re not bad as ideas and they show the tire manufacturers are still looking to innovate and impress.

The promo video itself is, let’s face it, pretty badly made by the very latest CGI beauty standards, but it gets the job done. It features three different types of transforming tires, one of which is even designed to allow the vehicle to traverse bodies of water.

We don’t know when we’ll see such a thing become commercially available, but we hope not long as they could add another dimension to cars and the purpose behind their design. For instance, such tires could really work on off-roaders which are also destined for the road, like say the upcoming Land Rover Defender