New Honda FCV Concept is Coming To Detroit

Honda has decided to bring its latest FCV Concept to the Detroit Auto Show for its North American debut. This car will surely generate a lot of interest thanks to its autonomy and its futuristic styling.

The FCV Concept is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell stack, with a range of up to 300 miles. Honda says that refueling takes only about 5 minutes.

Inside, the concept car promises to seat five passengers comfortably thanks to its fuel-cell stack being smaller than before, as now it fits entirely under the hood. No need for that length-of-the-car tunnel anymore. The best part is that by utilizing this particular fuel-cell technology, they can properly apply it other models from their line-up, which could mean a whole new direction for the brand.

The Detroit Auto Show will play host to the FCV, but if you’re looking to buy, you need to wait for another year or so. It’s slated for launch on the Japanese market in March 2016, after which it will arrive in the US and in Europe.


  • Go Honda!

    This looks great, unlike Toyota’s Mirai that looks like total ass.

  • cst400

    I really like the rear 3/4 view. Who would buy the Toyota Mirai when this is for sale?

  • mb4design

    I like it, but it’s not quite futuristic enough w/ all those gaping fake grills as seen on current models. Also not a fan of the upside down angular Nike motif.

    • Not a nike swoop, it’s an ekin swoop

  • Ugly

    Good looking second generation Honda FCV, compared to Toyota’s strange looking first generation FCV…

  • Jānis

    Sorry. Why make them ugly?

  • A million times better looking than the Toyota. Every time I see the Mirai I still can’t believe they actually released it. Seriously, at some point Toyota must of sat round a table with a bunch of images and all agreed the Mirai looked great. I would love to be a fly on the wall…