Land Rover Discovery Sport Shows its Off-Road Skills in Iceland

Land Rover flew British journalists to Iceland for a media drive event with the all-new Discovery Sport. We have already seen a rather controversial review that was filmed there, and now Autocar magazine has released its own.

By watching the following video you’ll find that the Discovery Sport has no flaws, other than the fact that Land Rover hasn’t yet fitted it with the new Ingenium family of engines. That and the fact it will not be able to make as many units as there will be demand for. What can we say, sometimes British media are known for exaggerating the qualities of locally-built vehicles.

Still, the Discovery Sport doesn’t appear to have any problems tackling Iceland’s snow-covered roads and off-road trails. It is also shown crossing a small shallow river without hesitation thanks to its Terrain Response system.

Head down to learn more about the new baby Land Rover.