London May Host Major Auto Show in 2016

While automakers are slowly drifting away from the idea of motor shows, with Volvo being one of the first to announce it wants to opt out, we learn the UK may get a new one as of 2016.

Set to be held in London, the venue wouldn’t be part of the world calendar of major such events, and we’re promised it’s going to be “very hands on” and “about people getting into the cars, driving the cars.”

The quoted words belong to Stephen Maitland-Oxley, the director of BNC special events, the outfit behind the reborn show. His view is that the show doesn’t need industry support like the now defunct British Motor Show (last held in 2008).

Details are scare so far, but according to information provided to Automotive News, the show will be held on May 5-8 in London’s Battersea Park; the same location will play host to the season finale of the Formula E EV racing series.

If you want to remember what the 2008 British Motor Show was like, do check out the CAR video posted below!

Photo via Wikipedia