Meet 12 Cars That US Customers Are Waving Goodbye To In 2014

It’s a natural process for cars to come and go, and 2014 makes no exception. While we’ve seen a lot of launches this year, there are also models for which 2014 will be remembered as their last year of production and which will not see direct replacements.

Without further ado, let’s check the list of cars that have been discontinued in 2014.

Acura TL & TSX
The two premium sedans haven’t received a direct replacement, with both having been replaced by one car, the Acura TLX. The TL was too big for its target customer, the TSX too small. It appears no one will miss the TL and TSX, as the TLX is arguably the best Acura sedan introduced in years.

Cadillac CTS station wagon
Cadillac offered the CTS station wagon as it had a big expansion plan for Europe, a region where luxury estate models are popular. However, when the Great Recession affected the brand’s sales in Europe, Cadillac had to hope Americans will buy the CTS wagon. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Chevrolet Captiva
Offered exclusively as a rental vehicle in the US, the Chevrolet Captiva’s only reason for existence was the fact that Chevrolet couldn’t build enough Equinox SUVs to satisfy demand from rental companies like Hertz and Avis. Imported from Mexico, the Captiva is gone for good in US as in 2015 Chevrolet will be able to build enough Equinox SUVs for everybody.

Chrysler 200 convertible
The Chrysler 200 convertible (called Sebring convertible before the facelift) has been discontinued with the launch of the all-new 200 sedan. Chrysler has no plans for a new drop-top 200, which means the brand will be left without a convertible in its lineup for the first time since the mid-1980s.

Dodge Avenger
Dodge has left the segment of midsize sedans with the demise of the Avenger, which is not likely to get a replacement in the near future. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sees Dodge as a brand with emotional cars that embody American performance, so there’s no room for the rather bland Avenger in this new strategy.

Ford E-series van
You probably know it better as the Econoline, but from 2015 there will be no E-series either, as Ford is ditching the line of vans for the newer and more efficient Transit van engineered in Europe. Ford will continue to build a number of E series vans for business customers only.

Honda Insight
Honda had big hopes with the Insight, the first hybrid vehicle sold in the US. However, the second-generation model wasn’t as economical as Toyota’s Prius and sales went down quickly.

Jaguar XK
Jaguar is finally saying goodbye to its XK grand tourer nearly 20 years after the launch of the first-generation model. Fans of Jaguar sports cars will have to settle for the smaller, lighter and faster Jaguar F-Type.

Nissan Cube
Nissan’s most easily recognizable model arrived in North America when customers started to lose interest for boxy, spacious cars like the Honda Element and Scion xB. Poor sales led to the Cube’s absence from the brand’s 2015 lineup.

Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet
It didn’t take a genius to realize that a convertible SUV will never catch on. Add to that a $41,995 base price, and the fact that the Murano Cross Cabriolet lasted three years on the market seems a miracle.

Toyota FJ Cruiser
Despite its attractive retro styling that was a tribute to Toyota’s original FJ40 Land Cruisers, the FJ Cruiser failed to convince buyers exclusively with its looks. It proves looks are not everything, especially when they are accompanied by low fuel economy, poor visibility, high prices and a cramped interior.

Story references: Detroit Free Press


  • Six_Tymes

    wont miss a single one of them, good moves by all brands, for once.

    • hearsetrax

      I agree …..
      but will still miss the Econoline vans, shame on Ford

      • Six Thousand Times

        The Transit is a much more competitive van, though. Good to see Ford departing the 1970s.

      • Six_Tymes

        Drive a Transit low roof line model and you will not miss the old outdated Econoline anymore, seriously give it a go.

        • Afi Keita James

          Not gonna happen, the econoline vans are legendary.

          • Six_Tymes


          • Afi Keita James

            Ford has made the best Van of all time.

  • Brandon

    The Cube was on the level of HHRs, PT Cruisers and Pontiac Aztecs that seriously make me question everyday consumers in the auto industry.

    • Bo Hanan

      It was roomy and comfortable though. More room than you’d imagine.

    • hearsetrax

      I never did trust nissan …… but for some oddish reason I liked the cube
      as for the others you mentioned the PT cruiser would’ve made a better shortie pick up like the one that was posted at’s forums a guy built in his own garage … if Mother Chrysler had built those instead I still say they’d of sold billions and outsold the ridgeline

  • mav

    man…those yank cars are fugly

  • fabri99

    I’d save the CTS Wagon, the XK and the FJ Cruiser…

    • marko

      I would save CTS wagon, Chrysler cabrio and Insight

    • Six Thousand Times

      Agree on the Caddy and the Jag.

  • Shobin Drogan

    I hope Honda doesnt kill off the insight for good though, i think it looks much better than the prius, if they plan on reviving the Insight they should make it a plug in hybrid

  • RDS Alphard

    It’s a shame FJ Cruiser is gone , but then it really have HUGE blindspot .

    • Six Thousand Times

      Yeah, and cheap plastic bumpers. Too bad it wasn’t more like the original rather than a retro faker.

      • G

        China may do a better knock-off of the original FJ.

        • RDS Alphard

          Are you giving the Chinese some idea ? XD

      • RDS Alphard

        From what I see , it is a Prado with retro shape .

        • Six Thousand Times

          Largely…and suicide rear doors.

  • Pat

    Toyota please bring back a real updated “jeep” like the Land cruiser KZJ70 or LJ70

    • RDS Alphard

      They are now selling the LC70 for a year to celebrate it’s anniversary … only in Japan .

  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    The Jaguar company would ditch its graceful XK series coupe/convertible for 2015, her successor(as a vehicle with sport pedigree) could be the “much lighter and tighter” F-Type guises; I think this decision doesn’t seem rational openly!!
    Indeed, the F-Type is potent as a Porsche 911-alternative, yet her characteristics as a smaller grand turismo is different from that of XK, a kind of elegant luxury coupe.

  • pjl35

    That’s the wrong Captiva…

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