Turbocharged Cars That Sound Awesome

While it’s often said that slapping a turbo or two onto an engine ruins the purity of its note, there are still nice sounding cars which you could not imagine without a turbocharger.

In fact, for many the turbo woosh and wastegate noise are an integral part of the driving experience.

Car Throttle put together a short video highlighting nine turbocharged cars they thing “sound amazing.” They feature rides like the Toyota Supra turbo, Volvo 850 T5 and the Ferrari F40, among others.

Check out the video posted below, but do add your own suggestions for other cars that fit the bill in the comments box below.

I’d also add the Pagani Huayra to the list – its V12 engine makes a wonderful noise (by itself) that’s made even better by whistles and chirps of its twin-turbo setup.