We Hear Ford’s Detroit Show GT Will Be a Limited Production Model With EcoBoost V6

So…we finally managed to pick up a few things about Ford’s pending GT sports/super car that will purportedly be revealed at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

What we hear is that (do take it with a pinch of salt – at least for the time being), it won’t be a concept but a limited series model with around 1,200 units to be built and that it will get a turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine.

If it is indeed a super or high-performance sports car in the vein of the retro-modern GT, then it would make sense that the force-fed V6 is mounted behind the passenger compartment.

While one would reasonably expect any American sports car of the sort to have eight more cylinders, the Blue Oval could be using a high-po V6 EcoBoost on a halo sports car to (further) promote its EcoBoost business model – it wouldn’t be a first as Ford did the same with the four-cylinder 2015 Mustang.

*Update: Something new that we learned is that the new GT’s EcoBoost V6 will have more than 600hp

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