We Hear Ford’s Detroit Show GT Will Be a Limited Production Model With EcoBoost V6

So…we finally managed to pick up a few things about Ford’s pending GT sports/super car that will purportedly be revealed at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

What we hear is that (do take it with a pinch of salt – at least for the time being), it won’t be a concept but a limited series model with around 1,200 units to be built and that it will get a turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine.

If it is indeed a super or high-performance sports car in the vein of the retro-modern GT, then it would make sense that the force-fed V6 is mounted behind the passenger compartment.

While one would reasonably expect any American sports car of the sort to have eight more cylinders, the Blue Oval could be using a high-po V6 EcoBoost on a halo sports car to (further) promote its EcoBoost business model – it wouldn’t be a first as Ford did the same with the four-cylinder 2015 Mustang.

*Update: Something new that we learned is that the new GT’s EcoBoost V6 will have more than 600hp

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  • thisguyhere

    turbo v6?!

    i don’t know how i feel about that…

    • europeon

      You feel a mixture of anger, frustration, disappointment and disgust.

    • Hey at least they didn’t do the 3 cylinder eco-boost as they first planned.

      • SP1966

        I still want to see them combine two of the 1.0EB engines into a twin turbo 2.0 inline six for the Mustang! I’ve heard the 1.0EB can run as high as 180HP, 360HP from the dream engine with very low weight!!

        Then they can combine two of those I6 engines into a 4.0 quad turbo V12!!!

  • Espada

    Get used to it. Not every car needs only a V8. Stereotypes man. Don’t be that kind of person.

    • Bo Hanan

      I am that kind of person and I want a V8.
      When I think of high performance and exotic I don’t think “Ecoboost”.
      Ford Taurus, ecoboost, Ford GT replacement- not so much.

    • psiqtas

      We’re talking about a ‘halo-car’…remember that? For example: do You think that even Toyota’s halo car is Prius or even hybrid?

      • Espada

        I know. But people are complaining that it needs a V8 engine in the new GT. Plus the prius isn’t their halo car, it’s the camry in my opinion.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Umm… 600 hp? Wow. I would have been impressed with 450 because I had a hunch that this sportscar would be even lighter then the previous model. Very impressive. I hope the Mustang GT350 R will also feature the same engine. This is insane how Ford and Chevy and Dodge are engaging in high-performance wars…

    • I’m basically interested in the benefit of the engine. Not their number of the cylinders. Maybe it sounds bad when you mention Ford GT in the same context with V6, but that 600 HP just makes all the sense 🙂

  • Six Thousand Times

    Likely a tie-in with the Ecoboost engine they race in the Tudor series and will apparently run in something at Le Mans.

  • psiqtas

    You must be kidding, that their ‘halo-car’ get a turbocharged V6?! Sic, it rather a bad publicity for FoMoCo, like their Mustang with ‘fake coolness’ on EcoBoost I4… Maybe better if that another GT-inspiration wouldn’t even exist!

    • Six Thousand Times

      Better not to think about what sort of motor powers the 911 Turbo then, eh?

      • Adam

        Flat six in the 911 turbo. Totally different sound. Most v6 engines do not sound good in my opinion, but I will reserve judgement until this debuts.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Sure, flat six or bent – still a turbo six in a halo car.

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