We Spy All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan, Will it Look as Sharp as C-Class and S-Class?

Mercedes-Benz is on a roll lately with the new A-Class, CLA, C-Class, S-Class sedan and Coupe and the GLE Coupe, and now, it’s preparing a brand new E-Class as well.

Once Mercedes‘ biggest source of income, the next E-Class, codenamed W213, will bring a raft of new features to the table, including fresh tech, a lighter chassis and surprisingly, straight-six engines to fight off the BMW 5-Series, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS and other rivals.

The testers are still under heavy camouflage with fake prosthetics on both ends, but it seems that the W213 will evolve the exterior design of the current model adding touches from the well-received C-Class and S-Class saloons.

Previous spy shots reveal that the interior will be overhauled with the styling heavily borrowing from the bigger S-Class, right up to the circular air-vents and large infotainment screen controlled via the COMAND rotary switch on the lower console that will get all the latest connectivity updates.

The saloon is expected to keep a similar footprint to the current W212, though it will have a slightly longer wheelbase to increase legroom for the rear passengers. It will ride on longer and wider version of the brand’s MRA (Mercedes Rear-wheel Architecture) found under the latest C-Class, which uses aluminum in its construction to reduce weight.

Powering the E-Class will be a new generation of modular engines with the big news being the reintroduction of straight-six petrol and diesel engines, albeit fitted with turbochargers. On the lower end of the range, we’ll find four-cylinder turbocharged units, while on the other side, force-fed V8s topped by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with close to 600hp for the E63 AMG. These engines will be equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission driving the rear or all-four wheels. The new platform will also allow for the use of plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Aside from the E-Class sedan that will arrive in 2016, the range will include a Station Wagon, a Coupe, and a Convertible.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Dr Zoidberg

    It will wear the melted look better due to its increased size over the C-class.
    I prefer the old C-class. It looked sharper, especially at the rear.

    • traktorfaktor

      The new C-class is actually much prettier. Check out one in white with a nice set of alloys.. breathtaking. The previous model has aged well but was in great need of an update.

      • NG212

        My thoughts exactly. The last one was sharp, but the current one looks twice as expensive.

      • Dr Zoidberg

        One decopodian’s meat is another person’s poison, I guess.

        • traktorfaktor

          How can you not like it though! :’)

          • Dr Zoidberg

            Pah! It has the back end of a Trisolian. It was obviously designed by a Slurm worm.

          • That Ross Chap

            I would have agreed with you before Zoidberg but then I saw one drive past and it does look very good – the back looks really ridiculously short and the look is far more ‘droopy’ than the previous C Class which was perhaps a better designed vehicle but NG212 is completely correct in it looking twice as expensive. The difference in the luxuriousness of aesthetics between the previous generation and this new one is frankly amazing

          • Dr Zoidberg

            I do like the interior certainly but I’m no fan of the jello- mould exterior.

  • pcurve

    That’s a pretty damn good camo job.

  • J Hod

    thankfully, the profile remains sharply upright and not as swoopy as the s-class class. i hope i’m right. this may sound weird but i wouldn’t want to see new e-class looking like the s-class no matter how beautiful the bigger sibling is.

    • NG212

      From the pictures here, I do think this will be more upright than the C and S. The profile also features more conservative creases — just by through door handles.

  • NG212

    This looks like a sophisticated, balanced design. I see differences from the C and S. The creases are more conservative on the profile and the taillamps are different (they remind me of the last CL). I can see the camo, but the profile already looks more handsome and graceful than the current E.

    Just as important, I’m very excited to see the new I6s. I hear they’re putting a straight six in the next G-Wagen as well. Should be interesting.

  • hot new yorker

    Mercedes is doing exactly what Audi is doing – all cars starting to look the same no matter the size.

    • emjayay

      Like they didn’t ever before?

  • An Existing Person

    Now, even more difficult to see the difference between the S-Class, C-Class, and now the E-Class. Not liking the idea of the same continuous design throughout the models.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I think it will look very premium. Over the past 2 years, I’ve bet many times against the Benz that a product they bring out will be disappointing, and – I’m happy to say – I’ve been on the losing end of that. So I expect it will be segment-leading in terms of design, just like the S-class and C-class.

    Also, the hyperlink to “9 Awesome Station Wagons” lead me here.

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