15-Year Old Russian Boy Buys, Crashes Aston Martin!

An unlicensed 15-year old Russian boy got into an accident while driving an Aston Martin that he had purchased just three days ago.

Of course, the most mind-blowing aspect of this story isn’t that a 15-year old kid crashed a fast sports car, but that someone actually sold it to him…

The teen was identified by Russian media as Konstantin P., reportedly a goalkeeper for the Zenith-84 football club.

The boy said that his father bought the Aston Martin as a New Year’s gift, however, the previous owner of the car named Dmitry, told Russia’s Life News that on December 31, Konstantin visited him together with two teenagers, all dressed in uniforms bearing the emblem of FC Zenith. He then paid for the car in cash and asked Dmitry to leave the car in the city center.

Dmitry said that Constantine called his son and told him about the accident, but he hasn’t been able to talk to him again.

Eyewitnesses said that Constantine left the scene of the accident after smashing into a Volkswagen Tiguan. However, he did talk to the press about the crash stating that it was not his fault.

“Before leaving the intersection I looked around,” said Konstantin. “There was no one. Suddenly, out of nowhere, on the right side of my side flew a Volkswagen Tiguan. My speed was low – about 40-50 km/h [25-30mph], but he was going around 80 km/h [50mph],” said the boy.

The youngster admitted that he did not have a license, which is why he fled the scene. He now faces several charges, including abandoning the scene of an accident.

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