5 Things To Know About The 2016 Ford GT So Far

We were reminded what a genuine surprise feels like when the stunning 2016 Ford GT was unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Although it is only January, it would not be a surprise if the daring new supercar by the American automotive giant would become the most significant car of 2015.

Here are the five things you should know about the new Ford GT:

Ford GT Specs: Gone are the days of the 427 V8 motor that won at Le Mans for three years in a row. The new era of Ford power is all about Ecoboost. The 2016 Ford GT packs a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that promises more than 600 hp to the rear wheels.

The new Ecoboost Ford GT engine is derived from Ford’s Daytona Prototype competition engine that won the 12 Hours of Sebring in the United SportsCar Championship series last year. Ford is still keeping details close to the chest but we know the high-performance Ecoboost features port dual fuel-injection system as well as a specialized low-friction valvetrain that delivers instant engine response.

The 3.5-liter twin-turbo Ecoboost power unit is mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Unfortunately, the radical Ford GT will not have a traditional H-pattern manual gearbox.

Other notable mechanical details include an ultra lightweight chassis with a carbon fiber monocoque as well as front and rear aluminum subframes. The Ford GT will also sport a carbon fiber body. According to Ford, “The GT will exhibit one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car.” Finally, the Ford GT also boasts a motorsport designed inboard pushrod suspension and active-aero wings that improve downforce and braking.

Ford GT Competition: Don’t let its blue collar Blue Oval origins fool you– the high performance mid-engine supercar will be up against the greats including the McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Huracan, the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 RS, as well as a future turbocharged Ferrari M458-T. The Chevy Corvette Z06 should apply domestic pressure as well.

Ford GT Price: The 2005 Ford GT arrived on the market with an MSRP of $149,995, close to ten percent off the price of a Ferrari 430. Expect Ford to apply a similar pricing strategy and offer the new 2016 Ford GT within the low $200,000-range, just under the price tag of a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Ford GT Release Date
: Ford has yet to announce a launch date of the new GT supercar, but according to sources from Forza Motorsport 6, the Ford GT will likely closely coincide its arrival with the video game’s late 2015 release date.

Ford GT In Motorsport: The carbon fiber monocoque and pushrod suspension isn’t for show: the American automaker aims to field the 2016 Ford GT in its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 2016. For the automotive historians, 2016 marks exactly 50 years since Ford took its first Le Mans victory in 1966 when the legendary trio of Ford GT40 racing cars finished first, second, and third across the finish line.

By Danny Choy



  • BlackPegasus

    Could this be the first true American Super Car? I’m really happy for Ford and this awe inspiring car. Just stunning!

    • Ur dumb

      The new z06 is a supercar

      • Benjamin B.

        The Z06 is no supercar.

      • bob71633

        super cars are usually a mid engine design that is the one thing the Z06 is not most american sports cars are muscle cars Z06 is getting close to super car but still not a super car. A mid engine vette is in the works you will see it first in the cadillac line then it will transfer to the vette then it will be a super car as the GT
        I still prefer the ford working my way up to the GT

      • Guest

        Super cars are mid engine design Z06 still a muscle car coming closer to the super car.
        Cadillac will come out with a mid engine design that will eventually make its way to the corvette then you will have a super car.
        Still I prefer the ford working my way up to the GT hopefully it is next in line

    • Bill Bradsky

      What about the original GT40 and the GT before it. Those don’t qualify? How about the C6 Z06 and ZR1? Or even the C5 Z06 for its era was in the conversation. Let’s not forget about all the insanely powerful (for that era) Corvettes from the 60s. And that’s not to mention boutique cars like the SSC Tuatara and Aero, Hennessey Venom GT, AC Cobra, etc. Some of those cars don’t seem so fast or super now, but for their respective eras, they were all right up there with whatever Italy was coming out with at the time. I love how the goal post always moves every time a US manufacturer comes out with a super car.

      • bartisgod

        The Dodge Challenger can hit 182mph, but its still a muscle car, not a supercar. Supercars are just as much as the style, legacy and marketing as they are the performance. (Almost) all supercars have powerful engines and >150mph top speeds, but not every car with a powerful engine is a supercar. If the Dodge Grand Caravan got a 500hp v8, better tires, and a top speed of 180mph, would it be a supercar? Yet many people consider anything by Porsche, even their Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan, as a supercar, simply because Porsches have been historically marketed as supercars.

        And yes, the original GT40 and pretty much every corvette since the 90s count as supercars, along with all those others you mentioned. But corvettes aren’t really marketed as challengers to Ferrari or Porsche, even though they are, so a lot of people think of them with an amorphous “American sports car” label that puts them in a similar category with the Mustang and stops just short of “supercar.”

        Besides, the term supercar itself is pretty vague and means different things to different people. Do they have to have aggressive wedge-shaped, low bodies, or will anything beautiful/exotic do? Does the style even matter? What’s the top speed or horsepower threshold? Can an American or Korean car with a low price and mediocre interior materials be one, or can only $100,000+ wedges from Europe or Japan count? What’s the difference between supercar and street-legal racecar, or is there one? Does it have to be mid- or rear-engined, with a front mounted engine making it a muscle car or plain sports car?

        You’ll get different answers to all these questions depending on who you ask, and while I think the GT40 is a supercar, there are a lot of people who don’t just because its American and doesn’t have a hand sewn Italian leather interior. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

        • Bill Bradsky

          It’s a lot simpler than you’re making it. Super cars just need to be expensive, rare and have performance not available to your average buyer in stock form. Regardless, it’s all based on opinion which makes mine at least as good as anyone else’s.

        • Robert Rogers

          all good points and agree it is really up to ones own thinking of what a supercar is. But it does come down to handling, speed, acceleration and I believe mid engine design.
          There are so many beautiful cars do we always have to try and put one down to make another look good why cant we appreciate each one for what it is and the technology that has gone into them. If you are a car lover you do not dislike a vette because you have a mustang you appreciate both for what they are.
          The GT looks awesome and it should be some good competition for the European cars. I think you will see a mid engine vette sooner than later.

          taken from
          Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2015/01/mid-engine-c8-zora-corvette-test-mule-spotted-for-the-first-time/#ixzz3UGiJVJLo

          We first heard the next Corvette ZR1 and the C8-generation Corvette would be mid-engined
          in August of last year, but we remained partly skeptical, as word about
          a mid-engine Corvette has been swirling for decades. But now Car and Driver
          finally has concrete proof the next Corvette will place the engine
          behind the driver after spy photographers caught an early test mule out
          and about somewhere in Michigan.

    • dsa127

      If by “First” you mean not even the first generation of this car… “American” you mean built in Canada… And Supercar you mean slower than the Z06 that you claim is NOT a Supercar…

  • 5 Things About the Ford GT

    1) Awesome
    2) Awesome
    3) Awesome
    4) Awesome
    5) Awesome

    • Six_Tymes

      hahaha, all great points.

    • Joachim vzM

      Agree with you 100%…but there’s one point missing.

      6)…why does the back look like a pig monkey?

  • Vassilis

    I can’t stop looking at that rear end. So amazing with its aero solutions.

    • dinn

      Brave designers. It is astonishing.

  • sadfsa

    looks great, disappointed with V6 no matter what the HP.

    • Joachim vzM

      Hey now, turbos got their own charm to ’em.

  • VSanity

    So ugly.

    • Polyester Poontang

      Get plastic surgery or dress sharply to hide your bad features. Don’t be depressed it can’t be that bad.

    • Pete Moss

      You could get a gun and shoot your self.

  • Ken Lyns

    Are the paddle shifters shared with the new Raptor?!

  • Obamalies

    Stunning car and the kind of thing that makes you think of cashing out your 401K.

    • Republicanlies

      Surprised you like the Ford GT. Will you still like it when I tell you that a black man was on the design team and was maybe even he is a Democrate.

      • 4htc

        How annoying comments like this are!!

      • gphillimo

        Kill yourself

  • Joachim vzM

    Look at the front: awesome.

    Look at the back: wtf this looks like a pig monkey.

  • Christian Brunckhorst

    The Ford GT40 has a special place in my heart, I spent 2 years in the garage in high school with my dad and brothers building our very own 500 horsepower 2300lb 1967 Ford GT40 Mk1. That car was amazing, simply put, the kind of car that touches your soul. Therefore, when Ford comes out with a new car and names it after the GT40, its kind of personal to me. I was excited at first, until I saw it. That was strike one. I hate how it looks. It’s like a dubstep remix of freebird. Then I saw the interior. Strike two. Paddle shifters. In this world where car makers don’t care about the third pedal and neither do the old farts buying them, this saddens me. Especially considering its supposed to be a tribute to when the driver mattered. Finally, strike three: It has a turbocharged V-6. The howling V-8 was the centerpiece of the GT40, those 8 cylinders firing through a bundle of headers and on to straight pipes is a religious experience for gearheads. Whoever signed off on a V-6 should be taken out back and shot. I don’t care about the power, I don’t care about the efficiency, and I don’t care about the weight. I care about the soul. Its like somebody did a re-shoot of the original star wars, starring Rob Schnieder and the dude from Gangam style. Somebody could criticize me that I’ll never drive it and I’ve got no reason to talk. However, I drove the original, something obviously nobody involved on this piece of crap ever did, and that’s all I needed to do. Way to defile an icon Ford…

    • stretch

      Well first off the looks imo are fine a little more italian than i would like but the car still looks bad ass. Secondly and im so fucking sick of having to say this the ttv6 is an engine made for lemans racing there has been a litre cap ever since we kicked enzos ass in 66 of i believe 4.0 or 4.5 for forced induction cars. I do agree on the paddle shifters tho not a fan

  • iamserious

    They are really low balling the price on this.

  • Ben Abelly

    It’s a shame about the V6 engine. Almost all the European super cars are V8, V10 or V12. Why would anyone spend the same money for a V6?

    The Challenger is NOT a super car or a muscle car. That applies to the original and the current version. Muscle cars are mid-size and must have a full size car engine/big block, (the GTO, various 426 Wedge and Hemi Mopars, etc) the original Challenger was a “pony car”. The current one, is a Chrysler 300, which is the LX chassis, which is a full sized car.

    I don’t agree that super cars have to be mid-engine. The Ferrari F12 (and others) is a super car and it’s front engine.

    These days, if it can’t hit 200 mph, it’s not a super car.

    The original GT40 production car was a super car. You can’t count the race-only versions. In fact, you could argue that the GT40 was the first super car ahead of the Miura, which most people consider to be the first.

    • B Someone

      I wouldn’t discount it just because it is not a V8 etc. At 3.5 liters vs Ferrari’s 4.5 liter V8 it puts out more horsepower. With the weight difference thrown in…

  • Daniel

    A 3.5 litre v6. What a bunch of assholes. There are some cars you don’t do that to.

  • Rick Alexander

    The term “supercar” in my opinion, was created at a time when most cars barely could muster 300 horsepower. If a car could do 0-60 in under 6 seconds, it was considered quick. The bar has been moved considerably these days. A true supercar, by today’s standards, should be able to hit 200 mph. It should be able to run 0-60 times in the low threes. It should be north of $150,000. It should also be somewhat rare. Kind of like a unicorn. Now these are all criteria created by the media. The term is pointless otherwise.

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