Audi Showcases LED Matrix Beam With Help From Animated TT Coupe

Whether you’re flying down the highway, driving on a poorly lit country road or simply out and about in the city, Audi‘s Matrix LED Headlights can be your ideal companion.

This new animation popped up on Audi’s YouTube channel and offers a flashy and interesting explanation as to how the whole system works. Even though the Matrix LED Headlights are an optional extra, they are something you should really consider.

First of all, I’d like to applaud Audi for raising awareness as to the benefits of having smart headlights. We should all join in and raise awareness for this “cause” since there are still lots of people who think that LED lights or even something as basic now as Xenon lights are nothing more than a white light that’s all show and no go.

Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth, because Xenon lights increase your visibility at night by an extraordinary margin, compared to Halogen bulbs. The newer the system, the more advanced the technology is and the safer you will be.

If you’re buying a brand new Audi TT in Germany, the optional Matrix LEDs will cost you around €2.140 and as you can see from the presentation, its a very smart upgrade as you’ll have adaptive and increased visibility at night, without blinding other drivers.

Audi’s Matrix LED system is currently available only on the TT, the A6, A7 and A8 facelift models and the all-new Q7.


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