BMW Demonstrates the i3’s Self-Parking and Collision Avoidance Systems

BMW has really been on a roll lately, showing the world a multitude of new technologies at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These include an i3 concept featuring self-parking and a very complex collision avoidance system.

This little i3 can do a lot more than just park itself. You don’t even need to be inside, as you can step out and command the car through a smartwatch. The system itself is called the Remote Valet Parking Assistant and it works with a 360-degree collision avoidance system in order to detect incorrectly parked vehicles and any other objects that might represent a threat to your paint job.

As the sensors detect the obstacles, the i3 will carefully steer around them and even brake itself if the driver doesn’t respond to the audio alert signal. This i3 concept can detect its surroundings with the help of four laser scanners, making it a lot harder if not impossible for you to literally have an ‘accident’ while parking or maneuvering the car in tight spaces.

The coolest part though has to be the voice command system on the smartwatch. You can call the car and simply tell it what to do, as if you were in a Bond film.

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