BMW Offers up a Fresh Video Presentation of Their xDrive System

If you thought that all 4WD systems were pretty much the same, well, wait until you experience just how good BMW’s xDrive system is at pretty much anything you throw at it.

xDrive has always been one of the top all-wheel drive systems, regardless of segment. It was introduced back in 2003 on the X3 as well as the face-lifted E46 BMW 3 Series, and has grown to fit pretty much BMW’s whole lineup, with the exception of the Z4 and the i3.

The modern xDrive system features Dynamic Performance Control torque-vectoring (launched on the first-gen BMW X6) that regulates traction and helps correct understeer – though not sufficiently, if you’re thinking about going flat out into a corner. If BMW plans to use it on the M5 (as it would seem), the system will definitely be more rear-biased.

The reason why the xDrive is called “Intelligent” is because of how fast it detects the loss of traction and how quickly it reacts when it’s time to get you out of trouble. Its reaction time is less than 0.1 seconds.

Check out the video presentation for yourself and remember that it’s not about just SUVs. It’s not about whether or not you need all-wheel drive on a daily basis, it’s about only really needing it once and not having it.

It’s both a life saver and the best way of getting off the line quickly so to me, it’s definitely worth the extra cash.