BMW Releases M Performance Parts for 2-Series Convertible

Although the people over at M division are right now developing one, at this point, there’s no M2 in BMW’s range, and there’s no word on whether there is going to be an open-top version.

Even so, if you’ve got your eyes on the 2-Series Converible, you can make it look more aggressive than the stock model thanks to the M Performance Parts range that’s just been released.

It consists of a front grille with black surround, a rear diffuser, side skirts with M Performance decals, carbon mirror covers, 19-inch wheels in 405 M and 624 M design, the latter of which can be ordered in either a polished or bi-color (matt black/milled) finish.

In the cabin, the center console, center armrest and interior strips can be trimmed in carbon, a feature that can be retrofitted to cars already delivered to customers, and the steering wheel, gear knob (in manual transmission cars) and gear lever can be trimmed in Alcantara.

This BMW M package is not all show, though: the 220d Convertible can be fitted with the M Performance Power Kit, fort a 14hp increase in horsepower to 204hp and cutting the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) by 0.3 seconds. This entails updating the ECU and other hardware, like the larger-capacity intercooler, to improve performance without increasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while lightweight discs take care of the stopping power.

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