BMW Tells the Story of the E36 3-Series

The third-generation BMW 3-Series (the E36) had the difficult task of replacing its very successful predecessor, the E30.

The styling of the E36 was a significant departure from the E30, with designers putting greater emphasis on aerodynamics. Built between 1990 and 2000, the new model was 20 percent more aerodynamic than the previous model thanks to the new shape of the bodywork and details that included the glass cover for the double headlamps – a first for BMW.

Other changes included the kidney grille integrated into the front and the smaller exterior mirrors. The interior also brought many upgrades, such as the 3D door panels, a very common feature now but a novelty at the time. Another first was the grouping of the onboard computer and check control into one device, which can be considered the precursor to the iDrive.

Obviously, the E36 brought a lot more new features than these, as you can see in BMW’s official video that follows.