Check out the 2016 Audi Q7’s Infotainment in Action

While there’s nothing really groundbreaking about the infotainment you can have in the new Audi Q7, it is very cool looking, very advanced and it promises improved usability. It’s probably this last aspect that has been the main focus, as the intent is to necessitate as little of the driver’s attention as possible.

It features a widescreen display mounted atop the center stack. It’s not touch operated, though, and you can only interact with it using the rotary knob/touch pad combo. The latter is new and improved (and bigger) providing haptic feedback when a command is entered.

The Q7 can be specced with the same screen that replaces the conventional analog dials. This, as you already know, can display whatever information the driver requires (from a full Google Earth satellite map to the song that’s playing).

It looks easy enough to go through in the KBB video posted after the virtual jump, but will it really be any better than similar setups we already have?