Chevrolet’s New 2016 Volt is More Traditional-Looking, Sleeker

Even though Chevrolet has changed the Volt’s style quite a bit in its transition from first- to second-gen, it’s still a recognizable shape. It’s the same story inside where you can still tell it’s a Volt, just a newer, rounder, softer one.

It’s nowhere near as polarizing as its predecessor, I think, boasting a mass appeal oriented approach to its design. Looking like more ordinary could improve its market worthiness, although what should really get prospective buyers talking are the powertrain statistics (the extra range, new battery pack and new range extender).

We’re looking forward to seeing how these changes all come together and if this new Volt is really as big a step forward as they say it is. In fact, they don’t really say it’s a drastically different car, and most of the reported improvements come in the sub-10 percent range anyway – this is Chevy applying an evolutionary approach to developing a model.

Check it out below in these live photos straight from the Detroit motor show floor.

Photo Gallery